Innisfree real squeeze mask product review

Hi, Muna back with another product review!!!

Here’s a question:

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. My jiejie got me this mask on her Grad trip to Korea. I tried the mask yesterday and here’s how it looks like.


I like the packaging manssss

The mask was like really cooling and thin. It hung really well around my face but the shape of the mask is a nono.

The forehead so broad then the serum got on my hair 🙄 Luckily, I hadn’t had my shower then so it is cool yo.

Comparing dermal masks and innisfree, I would pick innisfree as it stuck on my face which is like really refreshing to me. However, it is SGD 0.50 more expensive, so imagine if I bought ten, I would be paying $5 more.

Good news is that, my friend is selling both masks so I can get them both in Singapore!!! Yay!!!

Instashop: Thesparklingmask

That’s all for today, I am like on my company bus typing this away.

To add on, I will no longer be using this link as my personal blog due to personal reasons aite.

Muna xoxo