Love yourself FIRST


First off, this is not a product or a cafe review.

Secondly, this is a blog post that may inspire people to feel good about themselves.

Since I am 20, let me walk you through my life as a teenager.

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Krave Cafe Review


Today I am gonna be reviewing my one of my favourite cafes. On second thought, I think it is my most favourite. I made reservations to have my dinner there with my friend, Ben after a long day of work at Novartis. I made reservations because I scared I no table to eat at (KIASU) D: This means the post is about 4 months overdue, so…tumblr_lpxo18gza91qhykbr

Moving on, we got there in time, I was told that they didn’t receive my reservation, which was strange because I even had the confirmation email to prove it. I was little disappointed cos you know that was the first time I made reservations for a cafe but it didn’t get through D:

The cafe was already packed and I wanted to be seated upstairs but cannot D: Cos all reserved D:

So we had our meal which I didn’t take a good picture of but we had dessert. Don’t judge me for having dessert, okay? It was just so tempting 😡 I believe that the dessert goes straight to your heart so it is okay la huh.

image3 (1)

Blue berry Cheesecake, nice right? 😉

image2 (1)

Omg, that’s me without make up, omg UGLY!!! D: Now I can’t even imagine going out without make up 😡

So, let’s talk about the taste, the blueberry cheesecake has this rich taste, the kind of taste that I would definitely go back for. I also had their truffle fries which was undeniably the best one I have ever had in Singapore, I LOVE IT, I will definitely go back! I also like their decorations for the food that shows the amount of pride they put into preparing the food for the customers.

Overall I would give Krave a 4/5 rating.

That would be because I believe that you can have amazing food but the fact that my reservation was not recorded shows that the booking system may not be the best. I believe that is something that Krave can work on so that customers would not feel bad la huh.

Either way, I do recommend trying their food and you can probably walk in too 😀

The featured image is not mine, it is from the Krave Facebook, that’s where I found the link to make reservations.

Here’s the address:

Krave Cafe (28 Bali Lane, Singapore 189864)

Facebook: Krave

Email for reservations:

Contact number: 9856 4249 (During Office hours only)

Have a nice day! Thanks for reading!

Muna xoxo