Love yourself FIRST


First off, this is not a product or a cafe review.

Secondly, this is a blog post that may inspire people to feel good about themselves.

Since I am 20, let me walk you through my life as a teenager.

I was ostracized for many things since I entered Secondary School. Ostracized because  of the way my name was close enough to ‘Asthma’ or ‘Ass-ma’, the way I ran, how slow I was, the tone of my voice, the way I spoke and most definitely my height and weight. Intentionally or unintentionally, even people who I call friends have hurt me. I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt because it did at one point of time.

Eventually, I got over it.

All those things that I was made fun of for, caused me to have really low self-esteem. I let those comments from other people get to me.  I always would look down on myself even if I gave my best for something. I always never thought I was good enough at anything. Be it studies, managing my social life or my family relations.

I was always an angry teenager during my secondary school. I would go home feeling hurt, trying to understand why was I not amazing like the others. Even the slightest comment from my parents of how I didn’t do something right would tick me off. I am not proud of it, but that’s who I was.

I thought all the exclusion from society would be over after I entered the first year of polytechnic education. You know what, that’s when it got worse.  It wasn’t my friends who were pointing out how fat I was or how my face was plagued with acne. It was my relatives this time. After I went into a polytechnic, i had gained not 1 or 2 kg, but, I gained 10 kg. What was the worst was that people even thought I was my brother’s older sister. (Oh please la, he looks older).

My relatives started giving tips on how I could improve the acne on my face and how I could lose weight. One of my aunts went out of the way to say the following: “If you are fat, not many men would want to marry you. Men look for thin girls.” Pshaw, like I care. No offense to any male readers, I am just quoting what was said to me.

Sure they were trying to help me. “Why aren’t you not accepting of criticism, Muna? “ You may ask. It just that I heard the same things over and over again. I heard all of those things so much that I believed that not only was I, fat but also ugly.

At the end August 2014, there was a turning point in my life where I chose to walk away from someone who was really dear to me. That affected me a lot, I ate a lot more and stuck my finger down throat to throw up. It felt good that I ate what I wanted but I could get rid of it afterwards. Of course, I couldn’t do it until everyone was asleep or was too busy to bother about me. Little did I know that it was the start of an eating disorder.

I also started seeing dermatologist for my skin, not just for my severe acne vulgaris. I hated my reflection on the mirror, face with never ending acne and all the chubbiness that came along with it.

Soon, I grew to hate myself. I started exercising like a monster everyday for 2 hours. By the end of November, I had lost 7 kg in total. I wasn’t satisfied, I still felt fat. Purging actually doesn’t really help.

In December 2014, my parents had gone for Umrah, I was left to stay with my brother and sister in law. I drowned myself in my CCA sub committee duties, working out and reduced my intake of food to just one meal. I barely ate and I mostly left my house at sun rise and came back home late. I would always decline my brother’s offer to buy food for me to have dinner. I wasn’t myself, I was just an obsessed freak about my weight.

When my parents came back, my dad hugged me and went, “Wow, did you lose weight?” Just in December (about 3 weeks), I lost about 7 kg because there was no one watching me eat or how much I ate. I would lie that I ate something but really, would have just drank water.

My parents started noticing my new eating habits. They were worried. We had a chat and I promised to see a doctor alone since I was 18 and like an adult. “Your parents just let you do that?”  Yes they do, I have been pretty much independent since 10 for most things.

I didn’t stop there, I went on and by February 2015, I had lost another 11 kg. This is evident in the picture of me here:

I weighed 50 kg. I wasn’t happy though I was about hit underweight. My parents, friends and everyone well noticed it. This time I really went to see a doctor. I am not gonna share the details of it but it took me awhile to stop doing what I was doing to myself.

Slowly, I grew comfortable of myself and gained 5 kg not fats but muscles. Since then, I kinda maintained my weight as the same somehow. Then June came, I still didn’t love myself that much. One of those days, I was talking to my friends about insecurities days before my birthday. On my birthday, her wish for me was to grow to love myself.


I can honestly say today as an adult, I love myself. I truly do.

Somewhere over the past year, I stopped caring if people called me skinny or ugly or too muscular (Yes, I have heard that cos of my arms). People eventually stopped giving me advice for my pimples as well because I would just say, “I am seeing a doctor now.” TAKE THAT!

I fell in love with myself. No more spite for myself. I believe I am beautiful inside out not matter what people say.

Moral of the story: People can say or think what they want, don’t take what they say to face value. In the end, what matters is what you think of yourself. Learn to fall in love yourself first before anything else.

Here’s a song:

If I can’t love myself, I don’t need anybody else. This is like my power song since last year?

Lastly, you should only be validated by yourself.

Before I sign off, here are pictures from my 20th birthday.


My daddy got me this, cheese cake 😀


My evening spent with HAY 🙂


Here’s a candid of me lol, I have no idea what I am doing.


20 liao lor 😀

Signing off,

Muna xoxo


Icebox Cafe Review


This is another one of those posts where I review a cafe 😉 We all know how much I love food, Food makes me go like below:

Yup, you get the point. I love cafes too but specifically those cafes that have a nice ambiance and good food that makes it alright to indulge sinfully. Three months back, I wanted to try the “korean version of the ice-kachang”. My friend said that okay, not me 😛 The korean version of the ice-kachang is well known as Bingsu. I have never had one in my life because I have always been searching for a halal cafe that served Bingsu and I happened to find one. So Ah Nel and I went there to have our Bingsu  catch up after two years (Yes, we go that long without meeting.)

Ah Nel pouring the sugar I think, I DON’T EVEN KNOW D: I only know how to eat la D:


We had the Creamy Cookies Pleasure. It was really good, it is not like Ice Kachang. The shaved ice was really fine and easy to swallow. I loved the oreo bits a lot and the cheesecake bits. I had most of the cheescake bits cos Ah nel didn’t like it I think and I simply loved them. Well, I would have…

I would have scored that dish a 8/10 stars. Totally not trying to be Master Chef judge here. Or maybe I was. Oops.

This is the latte I ordered which I did not really enjoy that much as I thought I would. Too much milk to my liking. I take my coffee strong so latte was a bad idea for my to order I guess. Rating: 3.5/5 (I am a strict food critic since I am a foodie.)

This is injeolmi toast which for some reason I just did not like it. I thought the flavours were too strong, like it was too sweet for me and too much nuts. Rating: 3/5 because I could still eat it and it was alright.


I score Icebox Cafe SG a 3.5/5 stars. *Claps* I am so stringent with the ratings la. Anyway, do check out the cafe if you want to try the bingsu and just to chill cos the ambiance was alright at Icebox Cafe. I liked the decorations around the place, it gave a vintage and an instagramable look for the cafe.


89 Rangoon Road,


Singapore – 218375

That’s all folks for this week, I am in bed , tired from a day camp right now so this is a pre scheduled post that I prepared yesterday. MAN, I love wordpress! Stay tuned for maybe a post on Monday? It will be a surprise 😉

Muna xoxo

Jericho Brand Review


Muna here. I know that sounds overly repeated and I will stop saying that after this post, I promise 😉  This is another beauty product review. Before I introduce the product, let me just say:

Okay, I am not flirting with you like Joey uses that line on Friends but you can leave comments below starting from this post onwards, I am trying to connect with my readers cos people actually read it (I AM SURPRISED OKAY). Tell me what you think or how I can do better or any specific food/ product you want me to try, let me know alright?

You can leave it annoymous and I will still reply, trust me. Furthermore, WordPress doesn’t let me see your email also, so completely safe.

What I am feauturing is TA-DA, my new brand of skin care. “Huh Muna, 3 months ago only you posted about Simple, so what happened?”

Thinking natural happened. The product is from Jericho whereby I went willingly to their Outlet at Paya Lebar Square because I wanted a more natural wash for my face. Willingly because the last time I tried -417, it worsened my pimples in 2013 but using Jericho has significantly improved my skin.

So, I wanted to try a dead sea salt product so that all my dead skin cells can be cleared after a good wash with water and I read dead seas salt also clears the acne scars. I started off with just their acne soap because of my huge trust issues. The soap cost me $25. WHAT? You spend so much on soap? Later I will elaborate why it is okay for me to spend that much.


It is grey and it leaves your skin really smooth after use. I felt that my pimple size decreased in two weeks by a lot. After a week, the pimple usually drys up.

After two weeks, I really liked the product and I saw improvements and the sales person said I would definitely come back to buy the scrub and the toner. Guess what? It actually happened. I went back there after two weeks  buy them both to pair with the soap.

The prices that I have listed is after student price which is 2 for the price of one. I am a bit of a haggler so I got 1 at half price, my bargain skills not bad right? 😉 Like most customers get the product at 20% off only, so definitely worth it! Furthermore, the store assistant manager gave me $10 off in total.

All you have to do is ASK

So let’s see, how did I actually spend in total?

Here’s the math:

$65+$45+$25-$10= $125

Which is actually less than how much I spend at the doctor’s for a consultation and 3 months worth of medication… That easily adds up to $140 for me and it wasn’t really effective, especially the cream to lighten my scars 😦

I even have my picture for 4 years to prove it that not much improvement until last year where I use make up to cover up 😡

Pimples to non-pimples and super fat to skinny 😀

The last picture is with minimal make up, hahaha, I only had 3 pimples or so. Almost looks like I have no pimples so yup, this is my acne transformation journey.

Jericho had really helped me in going out without make up some days and be more confident of myself.

Jericho Outlet:

60 paya Lebar road # 01-82, 60 Paya Lebar Rd

8313 9433

Jericho Website:

Bye, have a great day today.

Muna xoxo




Tayvin, you break my heart in the blink of an eye…


This is gonna be a long long post. I am blogging this as I feel rather upset about this 😦 They were my one true pairing :/ Though their age gap slightly bothered me, I was really happy to see my favourite artist, Taylor Swift, to have finally have someone who stuck with her for a year long. We all know she has dated so many people, more than 14 right now.

I was truly heart broken and hurt as I read so many articles in hollywood life, E news and even Perez Hilton and stuff. I was trying to find out the like who instigated the break up, most sources pointed to Calvin Harris but I wasn’t gonna take it at face value. Maybe you know it was mutual?

The pair actually split like amiably after 15 months as proven by Calvin’s tweet as below:

Actually sound like She broke up with him right? 😡

Anyway, the above happened 2 weeks ago. I was all mopey and sad for the whole day. Though everyone knows that I am like a spring mah, I was actually very sad about it, I just didn’t show my emotions that much I guess. I was holding back my comments towards this like for two weeks. Now I really cannot man.

I mean just look at their adorable timeline:

Feb. 24, 2015: Swift lays her eyes on Harris at the ELLE Style Awards. A fan recently posted on Instagram a photo showing her and Goulding approaching him as he chats with crooner Sam Smith.

Feb. 25, 2015: A day later, Swift and Harris meet at the Brit Awards A source told E! News that that was “when they really connected” and that Harris “was taken with her.” The two also hung out at an after-party, along with Mick Jagger, 72, and continued to meet up after that day.

March 2015: According to reports, Harris and model Aarika Wolf broke up around the time of the Brit Awards after dating for about seven months.

March 6, 2015: Swift and Harris officially begin dating, as revealed by both one year later with sweet anniversary posts.

March 11, 2015: Harris declares in a radio interview Swift “looks lovely” but is “the opposite of my type” and would swipe left on her on Tinder. He said he likes brunettes.

March 25, 2015: Swift and Harris spark romance rumors when they are spotted at a Whole Foods in Nashville, wearing matching outfits.

March 26, 2015—PDA alert! Swift and Harris attend a Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville and reportedly get “snuggly” during the show.

April 2, 2015—major PDA: Swift and Harris attend a Haim concert at The Troubador in West Hollywood. At one point, she sits in his lap. After the concert ends, they leave together, holding hands, and drive off in the same car.

April 15, 2015: One of Swift’s besties, actress Jaimie King, calls Harris “a wonderful man.”

April 20, 2015: Swift and Harris are seen inside a car, leaving her home.

April 28, 2015—meow! Harris posts on Instagram a photo of Swift’s other two loves of her life—her cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.

May 9, 2015—more major PDA: Swift cheers on Harris as her performs at the 2015 Wango Tango concert and the two are later spotted sharing a kiss and holding hands backstage.

May 12, 2015: Swift and Harris stepping out together in Venice, Calif., holding hands.

May 17, 2015—onscreen love: Swift and Harris attend the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Swift wins Top Billboard 200 Album and en route to the stage, she stops to embrace her beau, whokisses her on the cheek in front of everyone in the audience…including Styles and his ex Rita Ora.

May 26, 2015: Swift and Harris have dinner in New York City. He pays the bill. The two leave holding hands.

May 28, 2015: Swift and Harris get cozy while having lunch in the city. A source tells E! News, “They are trying to be as private as they can but they are also not afraid or hiding their affection towards each other when they are together in public. They both love New York City and this trip together is really easy and comfortable for them. They both love to eat out and also stay in and just chill.”

June 9, 2015—social media love: Swift posts her first Instagram pic with Harris and BFF Gigi Hadid joins in on the fun.

June 10, 2015: Swift share a pic showing her and Harris getting cozy on an inflatable swan in a swimming pool, saying, “Swan goals.”

June 11, 2015: A source tells E! News Swift and Harris  “are spending every free day they have together” before the singer continues on her sold-out 1989 world tour.

June 14, 2015—friendly exes: Swift and Harris hang out with another celeb coupleGigi Hadid and the singer’s ex Jonas, as well as Jessica Alba at Soho House in Hollywood.

June 23, 2015—concert shout-out: Swift performs in Glasgow in Harris’ native Scotland and tells the crowd, “I happen to love Scottish people.”

June 28, 2015—another group date: Swift and Harris get cozy as they join Jonas, Hadid and another BFF, Karlie Kloss, on a boat ride to a concert.

June 29, 2015: Swift performs in Dublin and sweetly gestures to Harris while singing her tune “I Know Places” as he watches her from near the sound desk.

July 2, 2015—officially “Instagram official”: Harris posts his first Instagram photo of Swift.

July 3, 2015: Swift and Harris spend the Fourth of July holiday together. The singer gets apiggyback ride from her beau.

July 17, 2015: Harris says in a radio interview things are “going absolutely fantastic” with him and Swift.

Aug. 11, 2015: Swift and Harris have dinner at the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles. They “were laughing and being so cute together,” an eyewitness tells E! News, adding that Harris was a true gentleman—he pulled out his girlfriend’s chair for her and he paid the dinner bill.

Aug. 24, 2015—three magic words: Swift says “I love you” to Harris as he watches her perform a concert in Los Angeles.

Oct. 27, 2015: Harris attends Swift’s concert in Miami.

Nov. 4, 2015: Swift’s BFF Martha Hunt tells E! News Harris is “fabulous,” adding, “I’ve been on a lot of group dates, that’s for sure!”

Nov. 16, 2015: Harris snaps a photo of Swift’s cat Olivia chewing on her MTV Video Music Award and the singer posts it on her Instagram page.

Nov. 17, 2015: Swift and Harris have dinner in Hollywood. Another celeb couple, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham are seen exiting the restaurant soon after they do.

Dec. 13, 2015: Swift cozies up to Harris at her Christmas-themed 26th birthday party.

Dec. 23, 2015: The day before Christmas Eve, Swift shares a cute pic showing her and Harrisbuilding a snowman.

Dec. 31, 2015: On New Year’s Eve, Swift watches Harris perform at a Las Vegas nightclub party and also parties with actress Ruby Rose.

Jan. 4, 2016—engagement soon? A source tells E! News Swift and Harris “are definitely talking about their future together and the possibility of one day getting engaged.”

Jan. 12, 2016—dinner crasher: Swift and Harris have dinner in Los Angeles and are joined at their table by a young fan.

Feb. 15, 2016: Harris does not attend the 2016 Grammys, during which Swift wins three awards, because he is busy in the studio. After the ceremony, they meet up at Hyde nightclub and pack on some PDA.

Feb. 16, 2016: Harris posts on Twitter a pic of Swift accepting her Grammys for Album of the Year, tweeting, “Congratulations to my beautiful girlfriend.”

March 6, 2016: Swift and Harris celebrate their one-year anniversary. She shares onInstagram a photo of a gift her beau gave her—a gold locket engraved with the date of the start of their relationship. Meanwhile, he posts on Snapchat a sweet video showing them celebrating with cake.


Is their one year together like super amazing? They became my one true pairing, like I started believing love actually exists. Well, my belief was short lived when they broke up.

Then yesterday, BAM, I suddenly find out that Taylor is dating Tom Hiddleston because of all the cozy pictures below:

I was just upset like Taylor, is this your rebound? Maybe I can understand if it was. But the articles I read pointed to her meeting Tom during Met Gala. So wait a minute, the Met Gala that Calvin didn’t attend with Taylor? Yes, the very same event. Then Tom try to woo her I guess.

Calvin took the news badly and he deleted tweets and pictures pertaining to her. He even unfollowed her on Twitter and Instagram. This is actually super heartbreaking for me.

Calvin, I don’t think you broke up with Taylor. You broke up with me cos I actually feel sad, having lost the complete hope of finding love.

Taylor, I wish you didn’t rush into another relationship so quickly that it actually hurt Calvin :/ But I guess everyone makes mistakes, I just wish you happiness as your true fan. You may have changed your style of music, clothing and music videos as well but as long as your happy, I’ll be right here, still as your true fan!

Signing off sadly at 1.15am,

Muna 😦

Krave Cafe Review


Today I am gonna be reviewing my one of my favourite cafes. On second thought, I think it is my most favourite. I made reservations to have my dinner there with my friend, Ben after a long day of work at Novartis. I made reservations because I scared I no table to eat at (KIASU) D: This means the post is about 4 months overdue, so…tumblr_lpxo18gza91qhykbr

Moving on, we got there in time, I was told that they didn’t receive my reservation, which was strange because I even had the confirmation email to prove it. I was little disappointed cos you know that was the first time I made reservations for a cafe but it didn’t get through D:

The cafe was already packed and I wanted to be seated upstairs but cannot D: Cos all reserved D:

So we had our meal which I didn’t take a good picture of but we had dessert. Don’t judge me for having dessert, okay? It was just so tempting 😡 I believe that the dessert goes straight to your heart so it is okay la huh.

image3 (1)

Blue berry Cheesecake, nice right? 😉

image2 (1)

Omg, that’s me without make up, omg UGLY!!! D: Now I can’t even imagine going out without make up 😡

So, let’s talk about the taste, the blueberry cheesecake has this rich taste, the kind of taste that I would definitely go back for. I also had their truffle fries which was undeniably the best one I have ever had in Singapore, I LOVE IT, I will definitely go back! I also like their decorations for the food that shows the amount of pride they put into preparing the food for the customers.

Overall I would give Krave a 4/5 rating.

That would be because I believe that you can have amazing food but the fact that my reservation was not recorded shows that the booking system may not be the best. I believe that is something that Krave can work on so that customers would not feel bad la huh.

Either way, I do recommend trying their food and you can probably walk in too 😀

The featured image is not mine, it is from the Krave Facebook, that’s where I found the link to make reservations.

Here’s the address:

Krave Cafe (28 Bali Lane, Singapore 189864)

Facebook: Krave

Email for reservations:

Contact number: 9856 4249 (During Office hours only)

Have a nice day! Thanks for reading!

Muna xoxo


Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask Product Review

Hi, this be Muna back with a really overdue product review, for maybe 5 months? 😡

The product that I would be reviewing today is Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask. This is how it looks like:

See, I made them into a mosaic 😛 The mask is like very sticky and googey, just like clay so it fits the physical description of the product. It is also quite easy to apply but it sticks to my hand D: (SAD MUNA). Then my face also itches up a little, not being a complain queen here but yup, I know it is probably because it is volcanic. So I have to wash it off with water, but still okay. Now we get to this part:

The clay mask helps with the following according to Innisfree’s claims:

6-in-1 Pore care:
Shrinks pores + Controls sebum + Exfoliates + Deeply cleanses + Brightens tone + Cools

Well, truth to be told, it did not work for me. Sure it exfoliates, I can see that it brightens the skin as well. If it shrinks the pores, shouldn’t it mean I should have less pimples? In fact, the next day, I had a huge outbreak and to ensure that it wasn’t a one time thing, I tried it twice just to make sure. I don’t know but I was a little disappointed. It only made me want to scratch my face.

Hmm, maybe it is not the product because I have seen really good reviews of it on Innisfree, I strongly believe it is because of my skin sensitivity. Overall, I would give the product a 5/10. However, I strongly recommend you read these reviews as well.

Here’s the good part

If you buy the product from Innisfree, it is a little over $20 but if you buy it from TheSparklingmask, it would relatively cheaper. I got mine at $16.50? Here are their details:


Shopee : First time buyers will get $5 off with this promo code which is on their Instagram. Do check it out!


Alright, that’s all folks, I’ll be posting another post that I have been meaning to address for awhile. Stay tuned!

Muna xoxo