Silkygirl Lash Prism Mascara Review


This is gonna be a really short post because I am concurrently doing so many things and also typing super fast like a maniac D: It’s nice to see questions coming in so I’m gonna answer one of it in this post. So the question is….

Here’s some suspense, only posting this cos no PLL to watch today >.>

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Epikebabs review

Hola, Soy Muna!

Hoy me voy a el blog en espaรฑol! (Today, I’m gonna blog in Spanish)

No, I did not watch Dora again to get that ๐Ÿ˜ก I got that from my ‘goldfish’ memory ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย It is the little I know, the second line is from Google Translate. Well, Today it is about this kebab place Am and I went to called Epikebabs at Bugis. Epikebabs is a halal certified eating spot with meals based on kebab meat. The outlet wasn’t too big but it was clean and everything.

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Flavour Flings Review

Guten Abend! (Good Evening!)

The last week was crazy for me so here’s this post.

This is a super overdue post, so overdue that I am never gonna say when it was… Hahaha. Sadly, if you follow me on Instagram, you can see how many weeks it has been…. I even remember the date I went there but I’m not gonna sayyyy…. -lalalalalas-

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Seasonal Salad Bar

์•ˆ๋…•ํ•˜์„ธ์š”! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

This is another review about a food place. You know how I have had an obsession over salads for like two years. It was what I mainly ate last year until June, then I gave up a little of it, maybe a lot of it that I stopped making them. Here’s some of my friends’ reaction when it comes to salads:

When Daniel was a cute cute boy D:

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Geylang Serai Bazaar Food: Worth it?


No, I am not even slightly fluent in Japanese but yup, hello people!

Guess what, this is about what I love the most about Raya! I think no need to guess also right, the title speaks for itself. I am kind of only doing this because so many people asked me where I got this and that when I was snap-chatting away. I thought I help you all a little since it is the last day of the Bazaar today.Today I’ll be reviewing the most hyped new food items sold in the bazaar. I’ll only talk about 4 food items cos ย J, H and I were quite full after dinner to grab more food.

#1: Rainbow Paddle Pop Pudding


This costs $5, expensive man, #brokemunasoon

I didn’t really know what really was the hype about this until i tried it. It tastes exactly like the Walls paddle pop ice cream, except it is in pudding form.Quite nice to drink from but really, $5? To me, that’s overpriced but I will buy because I don’t know how to make the different coloured layer pudding.

Not to sound like an aunty but the bottle very nice and reuse for things. I kept the bottle so that I can write a letter to throw into the ocean and maybe my true love can find me. I’m just kidding ๐Ÿ˜›

Look at the picture below okay, the ice-cream:

This is $1.20?

Would I buy it again?

Maybe… WHAT, I liked it, reminded me of my childhood ๐Ÿ˜€ I LOVE PUDDING. Actually, I like lots of things. -must tone down-

Where to find it:

About 250m from Tanjong Katong Complex, not in front of it, near Overdose. Opposite Blk 12 Haig Road, the first line of that tentage.

Price: $5 per bottle, $9 for two (I not promoting but just so you don’t spend more than this.)

#2 Salted Egg Yolk Churros


I think the serving was generous ๐Ÿ˜€

I believe all of us were like what’s the hype about salted egg yolk right? Well, This is the second salted egg yolk stuff I am trying. I must say churros and salt egg yolk combination, not the best. The stall holder gave us a lot of the sauce, generous la but too overwhelming for me. I cannot taste the salt.

I took very little, I think 2 or 3? ๐Ÿ˜ก I hope J and H never notice. -whistles innocently- Even if you guys noticed, thank you for not saying anything.

Would I buy it again?


Where to find it:

Right along of Alwadi restaurant (Only got one shop that sells this, if I never see wrongly)

Price: $6 per cup

#3 Spicy Korean Yogurt


The yogurt with two toppings and sauce c:

This yogurt got a lot of hype also la. I thought the yogurt itself got the spicy-ness element but I was proven wrong when I saw the brown sauce. Initially, the sauce also not very spicy but when you constantly eat, you can feel your throat getting ‘constricted’? I didn’t really like the sauce and my dear friends, H and J, ate more of it for me. Thank you once again! Muna, you really too picky la.

Would I buy it again?

Where to find it:

Right beside the wholesale shop that sells cheap clothes and household stuff

Price: $5 per cup with choice of two toppings

#4ย Volcano Watermelon

We queued for 35 minutes for this, well, the reward was fruitful. GET IT? ๐Ÿ˜›

Wahhhh, this is my most favourite! We queued from 9.10pm to 9.45pm just to get it.Well, all three of us are Singaporeans so need to queue means confirm can la. I feel Singaporeans are very patient when it comes to queue-ing for food! I like that spirit!

Anyway, watermelon volcano was really nice. Nice is an understatement. I even watched them make the final product. I know all the ingredients used okay. If next year, I opened a shop there, must support me okay! ๐Ÿ˜› (I will probably be busy with school, please don’t take me seriously.)

Note to self

Would I buy it again?

Image result for hell yes gif







Where to find it:

Right in front Blk 12, near the overhead bridge

Price: $6.90 (medium) (for 2 pax), $12.90 (large) (for 3-5 pax)

Lastly, shout out to H and J for accompanying me if I cannot finish the food ๐Ÿ˜ก Special thanks to H who fed me the water melon balls cos I had henna on my right hand and bags on the left one. Thank you both, love you all. Muacks!

To all my muslim readers,

Until next time at this odd hour,

Muna xoxo

I… Got… harassed…

Hello lovelies,

The title says it all. Okay, maybe not to the extent of my featured image but yup, I got harassed by someone through the internet.

I am not posting to expose that person or what so ever.

I just want to warn everyone to not be as naive as me about people you meet online through games.

You would think I would change my URL, my twitter and everything. Nope, why should I cave in like a coward when all I did was….

Give a 4 letter word, my name ._.


Aww, J Hutch looking like a cutie patootie. *coughs* Back to the story ๐Ÿ˜›


I thought it was alright because it wasn’t my full name. Little did I realise that you can search me up on Google. Well, I am so popular apparently. (oops, too narcissistic)

Before I go into the details of this. Let me spell out what I feel is harassment.

What is Harassment?

“Harassment is a type of behaviour that offends, upsets, torments or disturbs another individual. This also includes threats and demands.”

This is adapted from

Let me also spell out the Protection against Harassment Act (Singapore) (Chapter 256A) (Lawyer friends please check if I quoted the right thing.)

It is any kind of offending communication or published communication. Communication meaning that through messages, words, expressions, symbols or  any other representation.

What are the charges?

“If the harassment is intentional:

The person would be subjected to section 8, shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.”

This is just the general section that the offender would be subjected to. Source and you read about it more on:;page=0;query=DocId%3A07275b05-417a-4de5-a316-4c15606a2b8d%20Depth%3A0%20Status%3Ainforce;rec=0

I included this not to scare people but to say, don’t anyhow go and harass people.

Every one of your action has an equally opposite reaction. That’s Newton’s third law to you.

Here’s the back story of this incident: 

(I won’t sugar coat anything, this is my side of the story.)

I play this online  game, let’s call it Egg cos I am craving for it now. – Makes a mental note: Have Egg for Sahur-

I have been playing on ‘Egg’ since I was 15. I initially joined because I was a sad and lonely person in school. I had close to no friends. I wasn’t like how I am right now. I made friends online, around my age and I felt a little more accepted. Then, time progressed and I entered tertiary education where I was too busy to bother with the game. Eventually I stopped playing on ‘Egg’ about 2 years ago.

One day, in May, I missed my online friends a lot so I got back on ‘Egg’ to see how everyone was doing. So from time to time, I logged in to see how everyone was, it felt familiar and nice. Of course I made new friends as well. I made friends with ‘cream’. I am saying cream cos it was the first thing I saw when I turned my head.

‘Cream’ and I share the same timezone and so it was easy to talk to her, she was nice and all. She told me her real life name and I did too, because like I felt bad. Things went bad when she kept accusing me of lying to her and that I was another character. SLOW DOWN…

I barely had time to manage that one character that I had, I was struggling with school and other personal stuff. She did not mention it once or twice, it was countless times. I got frustrated when she unfriended me, tried explaining and was upset when she didn’t believe . I was like okay can, don’t believe lor.

A few days later, she talked to me again. I was like fine, I let her in. Then suddenly she told me she lied about her personal information. This is kind of where I got really frustrated and felt betrayed cos I was naive and honest. Besides, she also got angry at me for supposedly lying when the whole time, I wasn’t the one lying right? I mean ‘lie about myself for what’. I was clearly hurt and may have said things that hurt her.

I told her I needed space, she gave me three days but I wasn’t ready to talk about it. Then I don’t really remember what happened but she got really mad at me for not accepting her countless apologies. I’m a human and I needed time to process everything, okay? Then I accepted it and yet, she made a huge fuss about it. After an hour later, She apologised again for a fuss and I accepted it but clearly said that I didn’t want to be friends anymore. Why be friends when all we do is argue right? The friendship was toxic.

Then she apologised again and I told her I needed space.


One week later, yesterday, I just randomly logged in to see and just play for a bit like as a leisure after my tiring day. I received a message that said: ‘Wait til your life gets destroyed by that person you see in my profile.,  from a different character that ‘cream’ had.

I was like ‘what the hell did I do’ in my head. I was like whatever, she is just playing around, like ignore and all. But this right here, is a threat or rather harassment. As a victim,  I chose to just report it to a staff because at first, I didn’t know it was ‘cream’.

Then few minutes later, I received another message saying how she didn’t mean it literally. What now? Make up your mind la. Bipolar much?

By now, I knew it had to be her, I linked two and two together.

I chose to ignore it and just proceeded with my life. Then I logged into WordPress, clicked on stats and noticed that one of ‘Egg”s  website page was a referrer to my blog. Isn’t that crazy because I never gave my link to anyone besides ‘key’, a friend I had known for 5 years. It couldn’t be ‘Key’ because I saw the location of the referral. I know where ‘Key’ lived and so it didn’t add up.

Then I was sure it was ‘cream’ and no one besides no one really knows my part of my real name because everyone else calls me by my IGN -.-

She had put up my social media links and my blog links on that page. Initially, I panicked big time, hyperventilated and threw up because I didn’t know how she got them. (MY FIRST TIME OKAY.) Then I asked her nicely to take it down but no avail, even said I would call the police if she did not. She told me to call the police.

Can you believe it? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Of course I did not, for reasons that I will explain later.

Then I report again to the staff using message.

Anyways, I have a separate Skype for gaming with my IGN. I skype voice called ‘Pooh’ who I have known for 5 years and has been a good friend of mine for the first time cos I was so panicky. Initially, ‘Pooh’ thought I was calling for a teenage crisis but I had to tell him what happened. He understood, listened and calmed me down. He even tried to contact the game staff for me so that the information could be taken.

A few hours later, she took it down on her own accord. The staffers took the necessary actions and contacted me about it. As of now, I have private all my social media. If you need them, drop a comment below, I will email them to you. Sorry that it has to be this way because of what has happened.

It is my fault partly for the way things turned out. So… if you are probably reading this, ‘cream’…

Here’s an open note to ‘Cream’:

I’m sorry but after everything that has happened,  I just feel that our friendship is nothing but toxic, I am not saying you are toxic, let me make that clear. I am not blaming you here but it is also my fault some where and somehow. It takes two hands to clap. It just wasn’t working out, I see no point trying to mend what is broken here. I’m sorry that I longer want to be your friend. I hope you can accept that and move on.

After last night, I can no longer find it in me to forgive you but only to not report you the police. I don’t want to ruin your life especially after I looked up the laws. What you committed was harassment and unlawful stalking in some way. I am not vindictive towards you to the extent to do that to you, I only said I would call the police to make sure you didn’t even get in trouble with the staffers. There was still a part of me that had affection towards you even if I had typed in caps.

However, if you are gonna carry on with tormenting me, I would not hesitate to escalate it to the police and it wouldn’t be in your favour. My parents know about this and they support my decision if it amounts to that.

Lastly, here’s a song for you:

It’s too late for anything…

To all my awesome readers:

Stay tuned for my food post, that will probably be up later or tomorrow!

Muna ๐Ÿ™‚