Silkygirl Lash Prism Mascara Review


This is gonna be a really short post because I am concurrently doing so many things and also typing super fast like a maniac D: It’s nice to see questions coming in so I’m gonna answer one of it in this post. So the question is….

Here’s some suspense, only posting this cos no PLL to watch today >.>

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Epikebabs review

Hola, Soy Muna!

Hoy me voy a el blog en español! (Today, I’m gonna blog in Spanish)

No, I did not watch Dora again to get that 😡 I got that from my ‘goldfish’ memory 😉  It is the little I know, the second line is from Google Translate. Well, Today it is about this kebab place Am and I went to called Epikebabs at Bugis. Epikebabs is a halal certified eating spot with meals based on kebab meat. The outlet wasn’t too big but it was clean and everything.

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Flavour Flings Review

Guten Abend! (Good Evening!)

The last week was crazy for me so here’s this post.

This is a super overdue post, so overdue that I am never gonna say when it was… Hahaha. Sadly, if you follow me on Instagram, you can see how many weeks it has been…. I even remember the date I went there but I’m not gonna sayyyy…. -lalalalalas-

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Seasonal Salad Bar

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

This is another review about a food place. You know how I have had an obsession over salads for like two years. It was what I mainly ate last year until June, then I gave up a little of it, maybe a lot of it that I stopped making them. Here’s some of my friends’ reaction when it comes to salads:

When Daniel was a cute cute boy D:

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I… Got… harassed…

Hello lovelies,

The title says it all. Okay, maybe not to the extent of my featured image but yup, I got harassed by someone through the internet.

I am not posting to expose that person or what so ever.

I just want to warn everyone to not be as naive as me about people you meet online through games.

You would think I would change my URL, my twitter and everything. Nope, why should I cave in like a coward when all I did was….

Give a 4 letter word, my name ._.

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