TenderFresh Classic Review


Muna here, struggling to keep up with her promises… But it is Saturday so… not the end of the week right?

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Well, please have mercy on this poor person, who has to deal with school and stuff :c School is just…

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Well, I have ten more weeks to my exam. After that I get to enjoy and blog all I want so until then I definitely have to cut down on the blogging. Anyway, I managed to accomplish something that I put on my bucket list which was… TO EAT ALONE AT A RESTAURANT!

This was the first time I went to ate alone. I have never ever done it before, I am so sure of it. I am the kind of person who eats with someone in front of me at any eating establishments. If I am alone, I would rather request for it to be tapau-ed (packed) than to eat at the place itself.

So… My first time eating alone was at this place called Tenderfresh Classic. Tenderfresh Classic started off in those hawker centres like in Eunos coffee shop serving a variety of western food like chicken chop, Fish and chips and so on.The place was quite narrow but enough for to sit about 20-30 people at one time? The ambiance was nice. I liked the wallpaper they used. The signage was huge but…

You know I how I have never eaten alone in a restaurant by myself… Usually the waiter would take your order or my friends drag me to order… So as someone who never ate alone… I didn’t know where to order so I a bit blur blur, went to the collection counter to order. I was shown where the counter to order was. OOPS. But I’m cute right? 😛 -tries to mask stupidity with that-



Here’s my overpriced moctail  😡


I remember paying like $4.50 for this. I know it is expensive but poor Muna was too thirsty and water wasn’t an option for me at that time…. EXCUSES. I just wanted to try it okay. It was sweet, not too sweet. It was just a regular passionfruit and lemon tea fusion, so the drink didn’t go wrong. Then my main arrived, I have tried all of their western food main you know like chicken chop and etc. I wanted something unique. I ordered a main that had duck meat. I haven’t had duck meat… for as long as I can remember.


My main: Smoked duck breast penne with Thai sauce


This cost me like $8? The duck was cooked to perfection and really succulent, with the duck fat there. Damn it was amazing! ♥.♥ The thai sauce was unique and wow, it was spicy 😉 I finished my drink before I finished the meal. Luckily I ordered a drink right?

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal like I didn’t have to stop to talk. Not that I don’t like talking, it was just different and yup, if you haven’t tried eating alone, you should try it 😀

Overall, in terms of ambiance, food and service, I would score Tenderfresh Classic a….

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This is because I don’t like that it is pretty crammed up into a rectangle though the ends were like an open concept. It was only okay because of that if not, I might be claustrophobic, for real. The food was nice, unique. The mocktail is overpriced though. I wouldn’t pay that much for a mocktail again. I would definitely visit them again cos it was nice. THAT DUCK.


Tenderfresh Classic Cheong Chin Nam Road

9 Cheong Chin Nam Road

Singapore – 599734

Tenderfresh Classic One KM

One KM Mall,11 Tanjong Katong Road,

#B1-K3,  Singapore – 437157

Tenderfresh Classic Waterway Point

Waterway Point (Shopping Centre)

East Wing, #B2-04, 83 Punggol Central,

Singapore – 828761

Do head to any of the locations and try their awesome fusion food! 🙂

Note: I typed this in under 30 minutes with distraction, please excuse the typos 😡

Well, that’s the end of this blog post. I actually typed regards to end off, the sending of formal emails have gotten to me D: Thanks for reading and the support… So….


Muna xoxo

The Lab SG review


School’s been a drag and I haven’t had the time to blog either. *cough cough* TANGLIN.

I am like on the way to school and I am composing this post. Poor me right? 😦

On top of that I have seemed to have forgotten how to blog on my wordpress app too :c

Yes, you saw it right, I am finally posting a cafe review that is not more than 3 months overdue. YAY 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Today I will be reviewing the cafe, The Lab SG! I went there with my closest cousin, Ice cos we hadn’t met in awhile. The Lab SG is well known for their experimental food and drinks and as a chemist I had to check it out!

First, we had the buffalo wings as our side cos it sounded nice and of course, it was wonderful. Well, guess what the dip was, BLUE CHEESE. I was so scared to try it…

Here are the buffalo wings for to drool at 😉 It was close to $10

But when I tried it, it was amazeballs… Well, still that cousin of mine had most of it 😒 Aiyo, cannot go café with her next time, kidding, Ice, you know I love you 😛

I decided to be a little experimental myself too so I ordered something that was out of my comfort zone. I ordered something that was cream based. It was called the crispy salmon skin.

Me with my main, crispy salmon skin

It cost like $17.90. When I initially saw it, I thought I would be hungry after I finished the meal but I was surprisingly full. Though the portion looks small, it was really filling. The elements of the dish were all fused in a way it all made sense. Am I making sense?

Overall, based on the lab SG’s ambiance, food and service, I would give a rating of

This is because the ambiance could be better, the place could use a fresh coat of paint and some new tables to spice it up a little. Without reservation, I would recommend The Lab SG to all of you reading this.


1 Jln Pisang, 

Singapore – 199069


+65 6299 5681

Do check it out! 😉😉😉

That’s all for the cafe review guys… I mean girls too 🤐

I am gonna bring it down from two posts a week to one post a week because I am tied down with school and life. If I get settled better, you will see two posts a week!

Muna xoxo

Wilder Cafe Review


I am finally posting a cafe review after two weeks? In any case….

This is a super delayed post, once again, I am sorry and oops…

I went to Wilder Cafe with Amelie after a long day of work. Wilder Cafe is known for serving familiar comfort food for the locals with a pinch of boldness. I first heard of the cafe from one of my poly classmates about their truffle fries. YES, TRUFFLE. ♥.♥

Okay maybe the mushroom doesn’t look so appetizing…

Anyway, we got there and the place was rather packed so we had to sit quite near the door  😦 They were quick with handing us menus. We ordered like within the next five minutes. We had to wait like for 25 minutes for the truffle fries and only after asking so many times? So after all that, we got the truffle fries and I would say it was disappointing. I could barely taste the truffle in it. Further more, I have had truffle fries like five times from different places? I would give this the 3rd place. There were no cheese bits and it felt blend.


This cost I think $9?

Then our mains arrived. Never mind, the fries weren’t up to my expectation but the main was HAHAHAHA. I don’t even know what to say. You should guess which is my main first. Nope, it is not the one with the egg. It is the soup looking one which was called homemade gnocchi with with cheese and shrooms. I fell for the word ‘Gnocchi’. I have never tried one so I wanted to.


Amelie’s pasta price: $12+ and mine was $11?


This is the Gnocchi pasta if you


The Gnocchi wasn’t well cooked, all I tasted was flour. The serving was disappointing. I couldn’t even taste the cheese at all. However, Amelie’s main dish on the other hand, was absolutely perfect. The consistency of the pasta sauce, the way the egg was fried and the pasta was cooked. I would have scored that dish a 9/10.


I would give Wilder Cafe based on Ambiance, food and service a rating of…

2.5/5. That’s all. I was okay with the theme of the cafe and all but you go to a cafe for the food right? If the food isn’t prepared to the best, maybe not a place for me? I wouldn’t recommend it but you can try if you want 🙂


749 North Bridge Rd,

Singapore – 198717


+65 6635 1136

Opening hours:

Tuesdays to Sundays: 12.30pm to 10pm

Mondays: Closed

That’s all.

Muna xoxo