TenderFresh Classic Review


Muna here, struggling to keep up with her promises… But it is Saturday so… not the end of the week right?

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Well, please have mercy on this poor person, who has to deal with school and stuff :c School is just…

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Well, I have ten more weeks to my exam. After that I get to enjoy and blog all I want so until then I definitely have to cut down on the blogging. Anyway, I managed to accomplish something that I put on my bucket list which was… TO EAT ALONE AT A RESTAURANT!

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The Lab SG review


School’s been a drag and I haven’t had the time to blog either. *cough cough* TANGLIN.

I am like on the way to school and I am composing this post. Poor me right? 😦

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Wilder Cafe Review


I am finally posting a cafe review after two weeks? In any case….

This is a super delayed post, once again, I am sorry and oops…

I went to Wilder Cafe with Amelie after a long day of work. Wilder Cafe is known for serving familiar comfort food for the locals with a pinch of boldness. I first heard of the cafe from one of my poly classmates about their truffle fries. YES, TRUFFLE. ♥.♥

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