A break from Blogging…


You read the title right. This post is really difficult to come up with. It’s not that I don’t have content to blog about.  I need this break from my social media platforms, don’t worry, I am not going to delete my accounts or anything. Just a temporary break from everything. I would be gone for about 2 or 3 months probably?

My tweets, posts on FB, Instagram and snaps are also gonna decrease.

My life is a complicated mess right now, with so much issues.

I need some clarity.

I need to be off the internet.

I hope you readers understand.

Ending this post with a song that will never reach someone… Forget about me until I decide whether I want to appear in your life again…




I Am… Cafe review


Today I’ll be reviewing I am… cafe. This cafe is an European influenced cafe.  The cafe features food from particularly Amsterdam in Europe. I particularly wanted to try their rainbow cake and also celebrate my closest bro (B) in poly’s birthday. Killing two birds with one stone 😉 B and I went there for a casual lunch cos we haven’t met since Graduation.


Here’s the view of the cafe along Haji Lane. The ambiance of the cafe was pretty alright, it was a little windy not too much. To add on, I have heard that during dinner it is very packed and crowded so we went there for lunch instead.

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