A break from Blogging…


You read the title right. This post is really difficult to come up with. It’s not that I don’t have content to blog about.  I need this break from my social media platforms, don’t worry, I am not going to delete my accounts or anything. Just a temporary break from everything. I would be gone for about 2 or 3 months probably?

My tweets, posts on FB, Instagram and snaps are also gonna decrease.

My life is a complicated mess right now, with so much issues.

I need some clarity.

I need to be off the internet.

I hope you readers understand.

Ending this post with a song that will never reach someone… Forget about me until I decide whether I want to appear in your life again…



I Am… Cafe review


Today I’ll be reviewing I am… cafe. This cafe is an European influenced cafe.  The cafe features food from particularly Amsterdam in Europe. I particularly wanted to try their rainbow cake and also celebrate my closest bro (B) in poly’s birthday. Killing two birds with one stone 😉 B and I went there for a casual lunch cos we haven’t met since Graduation.


Here’s the view of the cafe along Haji Lane. The ambiance of the cafe was pretty alright, it was a little windy not too much. To add on, I have heard that during dinner it is very packed and crowded so we went there for lunch instead.


This is fries with mayo, normal cut fries, it costs around $8 or 9. I even got the cheese dip at an extra dollar, B agreed to it 😀 . CHEESE IS LOVE. The thing was that they cut it themselves I think because I could clearly see it. The fries were cooked pretty alright, tender and good potato. Any potato is good. Potato is love when… I was fat. On second thought, lots of things were love when I was fat.



LAMB LAMB, sorry all that’s on my mind


This is my main, Lamb Sausage Ragu Pasta with saffron cream sauce which costs $14.90. It was unique to see the saffron cream on the menu. I had to see what colour the cream was so I had to order it. The saffron cream was very mild, cream base. Loved the lamb and it had this spicy kick when you bit into it. It was truly out of the world.


SOTONG!!!!! ❤

This is the seafood pasta, B’s main. He was nice enough to let me try, hahaha. I liked the cream base but still it wasn’t as good as mine. He never let me eat the sotong so no further comments D: This costs $15.90, hahaha.



Skittlesss, taste the rainbow in cake form 😀


I know it sounds I should have been full but, yeah, need to celebrate B’s birthday. What is a birthday without the cake right? This is the rainbow cake that practically everyone instagram-s after going to I am…

This was really moist and and I loved the cream and the texture was amazing. This costs I think $9.90? It’s been like two months 😀 so I apologise.


Based on their food quality, cafe ambiance and service, I would give I am… cafe…

This is probably one of the highest rating I would ever give to a cafe. Their service was flawless and it was pretty fast. The food was good obviously. The ambiance was nice as well, windy and like really home-ly feeling? I don’t know. One thing that would have made it better is that they could have served us the first glass of water, I mean, by then, my ankle was already having issues 😦 So yup. I’m a frail woman D:

I would definitely go back here if I get the opportunity to do so.


674 North Bridge Road,

Singapore 199486

(10 minutes walk from Bugis MRT)

Phone number:

+65 6295 5509 (For Reservations, 4 pax and above)

The best thing about I am… cafe is that they do deliveries too! I found their Foodpanda site too, so if you lazy to head down like me right now: https://www.foodpanda.sg/restaurant/s4yv/i-am?gclid=CjwKEAjw34i_BRDH9fbylbDJw1gSJAAvIFqU1vQ29tlorepe8DcLPTvVvu8g1ACidtWHPzNQGk3PFRoChHbw_wcB&ef_id=V6vbEwAABeUUzQZF:20160922023432:s

Adios, sorry for not posting last week. Last week was kinda like hell week for me so I didn’t have the time. I am sorry you all. I probably won’t be posting until next weekend too 😦 See you in October!

Lots of love,

Muna xoxo

Fix Grill Review

Hola, cómo estas?

Si… I am speaking in Spanish and that can only mean one thing! No, I am not trying to be Dora again but the thing is today I will be reviewing a Mexican cafe by the name of…. WAIT FOR IT….



Fix Grill is a Mexican food based poolside cafe located in the heartland of Singapore. OOPS, I spoiled it. I went there to catch up with one of my lecturers like two months ago, I have been too busy and occupied by school to post it up. They have a wide range of Mexican food, local based drinks and cakes that are really appealing just from the look of the menu. The below are some pictures of the cafe 😀 (I took more pictures this time.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got our menu of course and I had to feature the menu to show the different varieties. Here are pictures of the menu!!

It didn’t take us long and I was more adventurous than usual. I decided on a sweet and spicy drink, Iced Lemongrass Gula Melaka.


This costs like $5?


When it arrived, I didn’t expect to see a lemongrass sticking out of the cup but yup it was there. It is actually for stirring the drink, only realised it when the Gula Melaka was sinking below 😡 (Can be a bit dumb sometimes). The taste was really unique, it was sweet and spicy and I didn’t regret getting it.


This is my lecturer’s Lychee and peach tea 🙂 Cost the same.

This was sweet and it is a drink where nothing can go wrong because peach goes well with almost everything so… What could possibly go wrong right? Yes, so it was great and I have no complaints about it.

Then the inevitable waiting time for our main dish arrived, that was expected especially since the cafe was crowded and swarming with people. What disappointed me was I had to wait for my food for about 25 minutes and yet, it wasn’t there,people who arrived later than me had their food. WHAT :c Muna was sad of course :c

We had to remind them and see when our food would arrive. We got the main in another five minutes and with an apology cos they got it mixed with the overwhelming amount of people. Apology accepted, only cos I got my Mexican food ❤

Introducing the first main!!!



This cost like $18 if I recall correctly


Enchiladas! We got the pulled beef one. I generally like beef but I like it even more when it is pulled beef. It was really soft and it shows that it was cooked well. I loved the sauce it came with, best enchiladas I have ever tasted. Loved it absolutely, maybe a bit biased cos of the beef. Mama loves her beef so….

Here’s the second main we ordered which is the Mexican fried chicken. How can I not have fried chicken when it is on the menu. I couldn’t walk away. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I did.



Mama also loves her chicken, this was $14


The chicken was seasoned and well cooked. I REALLY loved the dip and all.  It was unique that I can’t even tell the composition of the dip. In other words, you should just go over and try, hahaha. It was good but I preferred the first main.

Here’s the favourite part of my cafe exploration…img_3360

THIS CAKE WAS THE BOMB. It felt really fluffy and nice. It was like being on air and whenever I ate. It felt like it had marshmallows in it and it melted right in my mouth. IT WAS SO DARN GOOD.


Based on the cafe ambiance, food and service, I will score this cafe a….

But that is only cos I had to wait for my food for a long time, otherwise, I have no complaints and I felt like it was really great having that poolside view to look at while enjoying my food. The best part of it all, the food was cooked perfectly and it was just amazing!


31 Ah Hood Rd,

#01-06 HomeTeam NS-JOM Clubhouse,

Singapore – 329979


+65 6256 1484

Opening hours:

11 am – 11pm

That’s all I have for today and I am absolutely exhausted, need to get off my school laptop and Skype with a friend. I hope you guys try it and do let me know what you think! ❤

Side note: I saw this guy with the EXACT same badge which says “Alhamdulillah” but in red that I have on my pencil case the other day. That’s not even the best part, it was his race which I am not gonna reveal but he is probably a muslim?  IS THIS FATE? 😮

Okay, I am just bullshitting cos I only noticed the badge and never even saw his face, so I GOT YOU SO GOOD!

That’s all.

Muna xoxo

To the runner I might never be…

Hi future self,

There’s so much I want to tell you yet so much I can’t tell you, for the future is unpredictable.

The most important thing is that…

Image result for take care of yourself gif

Not just today, everyday to be precise. Take care of yourself first before caring about anyone else. Like what your math teacher used to say, “Care yourself.”

I hope by the time you are reading your ligament is all healed, though it may not be 100%. You might have completely given up on running, because you couldn’t run to your full potential in the past. Your timing has gotten worst from a A grade to a fail grade for 2.4 km.

You were someone who detested Physical Education practically your whole life. Ironically, you found joy in running in 2014 and it made you feel great, like you could be away from the universe during those moments.

Then during one of those runs, you thought you sprained your ankle. You belittled the injury, never bothered consulting a doctor, left it as it was for a month. It took three months, 4 doctors and an x-ray to figure out what was wrong. It wasn’t a fracture, deep down I know you wished it was.

I would still hope the worst words that you have heard are not, “I think there might be an issue with your ligament because sprains don’t last so long.”

Then the doctor went on, I felt really low at that point in time.

Broken bones may heal but ligaments are a little more tricky. You know you tried everything, don’t blame yourself or be too hard on yourself for what happened.

It happened for a reason, I hope you find/ found it too.

The do I hope you found the courage to move on but never stop working out after you have healed. Be adventurous but never neglect your health. It should be your priority. I hope you would have picked up something better than running.

I hope the heartbreak and not just the ligament heals from the news too.