Lyric Prank on two of my besties: The Blog Edition


So, there’s this “Lyric Prank” thing going around Youtube by Mike Fox, why not bring it to WordPress right? 😛 So basically you text people a bunch of random lyrics from a song that you have picked.

So on Sunday, I decided to prank two of my besties cos I was super bored of studying for my last paper 😂 The song I used was Believe in me by Demi Lovato.

Here’s the link to the lyrics as well:

Bestie #1 is someone I love to bits cos of how patient she is whenever I rant. She always listens even during my ‘drunk’ moments where I ramble everything over again cos I am upset.’Drunk’ is my term of being super tired and rambling on like as though I am drunk.

Bestie #2 is someone whom I started getting comfortable around and close to just this year. She is kind, patient and sincere when she advises me which is the kind where I need lately.


Anyways, let’s start with bestie #1:

Bestie #1


I immediately felt bad when she was like “What happen?” and  bestie #1 shows her continuous support for my blog 😉


I legit sound like a emo kid that needs comfort 😦


I find the song lyrics contradicting so I was hoping she would figure out 😦


I do believe in myself bestie, I thought you knew that 😦


I couldn’t take it so I told her. I knew she wouldn’t be mad.


My blur blur bestie finally went to look up the lyrics, I LOVE YOU blur blur, anyways 😛


Bestie #2

I may have planned this a little better. Just a little. oops.


The “Why” was good enough for me to spill, it was so hard to keep going okay D:


She probably thought I was talking like this cos of school, still sorry, dearie D:


She thought I didn’t feel pretty, no girl, I know I’m good enough. 


When she did “Finding out?”… I was like when you gonna find out that it is all lyrics hun 😡


I couldn’t take it, I was like I think you not gonna find out.



Yep, that sums it up, but yeah I was sad that day cos of studying 😦

And, before I planned to prank my besties, I was gonna prank my friend in the states who caught on fast .-. I thought he didn’t listen to new songs. *cough cough* Don’t judge a book by its cover, Muna.


He said he hates me, you all D:
I can never EVER lyric prank any of my American  friends, they just know that I am up to something ><  Give poor Muna a chance 😦 They no trust me you all :/

Thank you and a shout out to both my besties for being such a good sport and giving me their permission for this to be on my blog. As for the last SS, I never asked him, oops and I ain’t scared of him.

Okay, that’s all for this week! More exciting stuff coming your way for sure cos my terrible exams are finally over! IT FELT LIKE TWO YEARS for the past two weeks, I swear.


Muna 🙂


A for Alive!


I am sure some of you have been waiting, I see you guys lurking when I occasionally open my WordPress app. It was actually a really sad decision to take a break.

I believe my readers deserve an explanation so here goes: I was going through so many changes all at one ago.

Number 1: My parents were both unwell at the same time so somehow had to help out at home and stuff

Number 2: I had my mid terms/ submissions going on so stress stress stress

Number 3: I think I just joined my CCA (it is totally not even close to overwhelming but adaptation)

Number 4: I had a huge fallout with my Friend who lives 1000 of miles away from me cos things happen

Number 5: school is just overwhelming overall

I just wanted to take a step back and take the whole situation in. I felt lousy at everything that I did then even though I shouldn’t. It kind of felt like everything was The two months provided me nothing less than coping better with things around me, it is actually hard to believe that I stayed away for that long.

I can give all the excuses I want but I don’t think it was fair of me to run away from where I express my views.

With that being said, let me just talk to you about University today. To be honest, I really didn’t want to pursue a degree.

People kind of encouraged me to continue because it would really help me in the future so I did. However, there are certain people in my life who discouraged me to continue. Worst of all, I kind of let them get to me when I was really bummed about my mid term results.

Have I ever not been bummed about results? No. But should I not be? Yes. We live in a world where results do matter, in fact, it dictated my life since I was even able to think soundly. I have noticed it since I was 12 when I received my dismal PSLE results. My parents were just like: “Oh so where can you go?”

They were obviously upset cos I had to go to a Co-ed school unlike my elder brother. Since then, I think I became result oriented too, I can’t just blame it on the education structure here but… I certainly feel like it is my fault for letting them get to me. This article from the  Today paper, made me reflect on myself and my self worth right after my exam papers.

The burning question was:

“Do results really matter so much that you should feel you are never enough?”

The truth is no, it is your social skills, the way you present yourself and results are just part of the qualification. Even if you don’t really know the job well, you can learn. In the end, you just keep…


I feel right now, that’s all that matters! 🙂

Anyways, I thought I should excite you all with what’s coming up, a lot actually! I can’t wait to be reviewing them all basically!

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So stay tuned!

That’s all, you people.


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