2016 was… extraordinary.



This is gonna be long… emotional… and wishful…

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Guy Friends > Girl Friends, why?


This is a random post since I haven’t been able to walk much today (supposed to be posted on Wednesday, oops). My agony from my ligament which is badly frayed. Anyway, an interesting topic, right?

Aiya, someone dared me to do this la.

There was once, one of my close girlfriends asked me, “How come you have so many close guy friends since Poly started?”

Well, I wasn’t always the girl who hung out with guys a lot. Sure, my Instagram posts are all filled with girls cos people will always talk saying that I’m a flirt and what not, really I am not and….

Today, I am gonna share with you 6 reasons why I prefer guy friends over girlfriends:

Reason 1:

I grew up with two brothers, what do you expect?

My brothers and I do stuff together, despite the 6 & 12 year age gap respectively. I even get smackdown on the bed. It’s brutal. Basically, they were friends when I was young?

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Okay, moving on.

Reason 2:

They have brutally honest opinions, at least my close guy friends do cos that’s what bros do. Muna, I think you just #brozoned yourself.

They always tell their take on things when I tell them about a situation even if I am in the wrong. I need that sometimes.Image result for truth always comes out gif

If I went to one of my girl besties, they would take my side sometimes, which is bad cos then I would never realise what I am doing wrong 😦 Sorry if I am generalising, can’t think of one girl bestie who told me straight up.

Reason 3:

They are totes patient when I go window shopping. Another thing is that they follow you around which is good cos you don’t lose them in the crowd.

Well, if I am shopping with my girlfriends, they have their own things to look for and stuff. Then I always lose them like how I lose my mum in the library every single freaking time .-.

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Reason 4:

Jealousy. I as a girl can agree that we can get jealous about stuff like how pretty she is and stuff but guys are super chill about stuff as far as I know. Girls can go very far especially when they get jealous. Well, I can vicious if I am jealous. An example would be yesterday, I was super sarcastic cos I was jealous. oops.

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Really Muna? Nah, I am too nice.

Reason 5:

Girl drama. This one is something really true. I have been caught in many. Girl drama = Betrayal + Gossips. I have been backstabbed far too many times. I went through girl drama on my social media and I have cut all these girls out. I have no time for catfights and I honestly wanna live my life happily!

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I’d say no to this, like it reminds of the time I clawed someone.

Reason 6:

Guys are super protective of you, like especially if you are the only girl in the clique. A little thing can happen to you and they would be ready to fight in your place. They would be like your bodyguards probably even 24/7. They will always have your back no matter what because what are bros for right? 😀


I do have a few loyal girlfriends because I still need my girl pals for the makeup talks, boy talks and most importantly, they are very supportive. You can have sleepovers and talk about stuff that you can’t with your guy friends. Girlfriends are also sensitive to your needs most especially they know what you go through once a month.

Either way, it is great to have the best of both worlds.

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*Coughs cos she did not just quote Hannah Montana*

That’s all, folks… Before that,


My terrible attempt at making a card under 5 mins, but Happy Holidays to everyone!

BYE! See you all on 31 Dec 2016!

Muna xoxo

Maras @ One KM


Okay, so I haven’t done a Cafe review in ages, try maybe 3 months…

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-Whistles Innocently-

Today, I will be reviewing a cafe I visited last month which is known as Maras Cafe. Maras Cafe is something like Gelare but only better and cheaper. I have tried Gelare before but I wasn’t really happy with it. Maras Cafe is relatively new, I think it only opened like last year after 1km mall was built. They do not only have deserts but they do have sides and main courses too. My friend who didn’t want to be mentioned, let’s call her H.

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