2016 was… extraordinary.



This is gonna be long… emotional… and wishful…

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I’m gonna break down the five most important lessons I have learnt well in 2016:

#1: You are all you have in the end; It’s okay to cut people off along the way

It was the first year without my Best Friend. It is something I don’t like to speak of, all I wish was that I had more time but I didn’t. I have accepted everything about it. Also, I have come to terms that in the end, the only person who is gonna stick by my side is me, no matter what.

I have cut so many people out of my life simply because they don’t have to know that side of me. If I have stopped talking to you about things happening around me, it is not you, it is me.

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Yes I am and the thing is I don’t owe you an explanation and things change, people change and I change. My trust issues are above the roof so moving on.

#2: Treasure every moment you have

With that being said, you never know when could be the last time you see your loved well and healthy. This year, both my parents were ill several times at the same time. I definitely had a chance to spend more time with them to help out with things around at home.

#3: Dare to be different

I know I always stand out because of my scarf, anywhere I go! I have questioned myself why can’t I be like the other girls… But of course, I now I know why I can’t and why should I change who I am to fit in. The biggest part of this is me drawing closer to God. I certainly dare to try new things even if I am afraid. *cough cough* My CCA.

#4 Love doesn’t destroy

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This is the quote I am referring to. It is said by my baeee, Jace Herondale. (WHY isn’t he real???) I used to believe this was true but now I don’t even remotely think so. Love empowers a human being because for a moment, you think selflessly and that person is all you care about. How is that destruction?

This year, Love became my immunity, I started loving people a little more this year before that I was afraid of being loved. I didn’t want to be destroyed because I would think of myself as their weakness. #MunawhyyousodeepthatIcannotsee

#5 Love yourself more than anyone else first

I used to have low self-esteem about the way I look. Eventually, I had to slowly build my confidence around the year. There were times I didn’t believe I could do so much, like getting into a university. I still used to think I am fat and on my bad days, I still do. The thing is that I have finally accepted my appearance and covered up my insecurities with make-up just to build that up. Right now, with or without make-up, I think I am beautiful because I am God’s creation. Need a lift to your self-esteem? Here you go…

Now… Let’s roll some of the major events, I am not gonna elaborate much… cos pictures speak a thousand words.

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In summary, 2016 was a bittersweet year for me, I had to say many goodbyes. Goodbye to my poly life, Novartis, T, F and my teenage years. I sprained my ankle thrice and learnt how to use crutches. I tried physiotherapy for the first time! I tried Nandos for the first time too. I went through other hardships that are hard to even talk about.

However, I had new things and better things to embrace like my University environment, friends and so on. This was the part of 2016 that somehow kept me going despite the hardships and the goodbyes.

With that I would like to share my hopes for 2017:

  1. To be selfish sometimes
  2. To be as happy as I can be
  3. To take everything with a pinch of salt (Quote my senior)
  4. To love people and not be afraid of it
  5. To continue being the fighter I am
  6. To never give up on my fitness dream
  7. To have stronger opinions of things
  8. To spend more time in reading
  9. To take care of myself
  10. To be more open to criticisms

What are you hopes for the new year?

With that, I wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2017!

Muna xoxo

Guy Friends > Girl Friends, why?


This is a random post since I haven’t been able to walk much today (supposed to be posted on Wednesday, oops). My agony from my ligament which is badly frayed. Anyway, an interesting topic, right?

Aiya, someone dared me to do this la.

There was once, one of my close girlfriends asked me, “How come you have so many close guy friends since Poly started?”

Well, I wasn’t always the girl who hung out with guys a lot. Sure, my Instagram posts are all filled with girls cos people will always talk saying that I’m a flirt and what not, really I am not and….

Today, I am gonna share with you 6 reasons why I prefer guy friends over girlfriends:

Reason 1:

I grew up with two brothers, what do you expect?

My brothers and I do stuff together, despite the 6 & 12 year age gap respectively. I even get smackdown on the bed. It’s brutal. Basically, they were friends when I was young?

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Okay, moving on.

Reason 2:

They have brutally honest opinions, at least my close guy friends do cos that’s what bros do. Muna, I think you just #brozoned yourself.

They always tell their take on things when I tell them about a situation even if I am in the wrong. I need that sometimes.Image result for truth always comes out gif

If I went to one of my girl besties, they would take my side sometimes, which is bad cos then I would never realise what I am doing wrong 😦 Sorry if I am generalising, can’t think of one girl bestie who told me straight up.

Reason 3:

They are totes patient when I go window shopping. Another thing is that they follow you around which is good cos you don’t lose them in the crowd.

Well, if I am shopping with my girlfriends, they have their own things to look for and stuff. Then I always lose them like how I lose my mum in the library every single freaking time .-.

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Reason 4:

Jealousy. I as a girl can agree that we can get jealous about stuff like how pretty she is and stuff but guys are super chill about stuff as far as I know. Girls can go very far especially when they get jealous. Well, I can vicious if I am jealous. An example would be yesterday, I was super sarcastic cos I was jealous. oops.

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Really Muna? Nah, I am too nice.

Reason 5:

Girl drama. This one is something really true. I have been caught in many. Girl drama = Betrayal + Gossips. I have been backstabbed far too many times. I went through girl drama on my social media and I have cut all these girls out. I have no time for catfights and I honestly wanna live my life happily!

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I’d say no to this, like it reminds of the time I clawed someone.

Reason 6:

Guys are super protective of you, like especially if you are the only girl in the clique. A little thing can happen to you and they would be ready to fight in your place. They would be like your bodyguards probably even 24/7. They will always have your back no matter what because what are bros for right? 😀


I do have a few loyal girlfriends because I still need my girl pals for the makeup talks, boy talks and most importantly, they are very supportive. You can have sleepovers and talk about stuff that you can’t with your guy friends. Girlfriends are also sensitive to your needs most especially they know what you go through once a month.

Either way, it is great to have the best of both worlds.

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*Coughs cos she did not just quote Hannah Montana*

That’s all, folks… Before that,


My terrible attempt at making a card under 5 mins, but Happy Holidays to everyone!

BYE! See you all on 31 Dec 2016!

Muna xoxo

Maras @ One KM review


Okay, so I haven't done a Cafe review in ages, try maybe 3 months…

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Today, I will be reviewing a cafe I visited last month which is known as Maras Cafe. Maras Cafe is something like Gelare but only better and cheaper. I have tried Gelare before but I wasn't really happy with it. Maras Cafe is relatively new, I think it only opened like last year after 1km mall was built. They do not only have deserts but they do have sides and main courses too. My friend who didn't want to be mentioned, let's call her H.

H and I went here on a Saturday to check out since H wanted to get Ice Cream here hahaha. I was looking for a cheap outing for one time cos yeah, I was broke.

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Anyways, here are some pictures of how the place looks like 😀



First, we ordered the salted caramel waffle. The taste was rich and my favourite part of it… was the salted caramel sauce. I can't recall the flavour of the ice cream.

The sweetness of the ice cream and the saltiness of the sauce are flavours that worked in harmony. So, the savoury and sweetness was fused to give a perfect dish where you want both and you can expect them both. The waffle with the ice cream was on promotion so I think I spent $10.90 on it

The next thing we tried would be the cheese fries and that was it. Sorry, budget Muna here, hahaha.


I am just gonna be blunt here. This costs $4.50, a little more costly than the regular KFC cheese fries.Well, it is not as bad as KFC (Like trust me, I love their chicken but not their cheese fries).

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I liked the little bits of cheese that was grated on top of the cheese sauce added, it left like a finishing touch to the dish! I absolutely liked it a lot, I was trying to eat more while H talked, oops.

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Based on the cafe ambiance, food and service, I will score it a….

I loved the waffles, the texture was just right, it was really soft and good to chew on. The fries were just a win for me.However, I had to wait for my food for a long time, especially my cheese fries. I also dread the walk from the MRT to the place itself. Given a choice, I would definitely go back there again.


11 Tanjong Katong Rd,


Singapore 437157

(5-7 minutes walk from Paya Lebar MRT to One KM mall)

Phone number:

+65 6702 2466

Opening Hours:

Everyday, 11am – 9.30pm

Bye you all! I have also removed my question section due to personal reasons 😡

UPDATE: The café no longer exists, just noticed when I went to the mall again 😢

Muna xoxo


Muna, have you been bullied?

Marhaba! (Hello)

First things first, it is my first anniversary with WordPress, WHOOP WHOOP! 🙂 Happy birthday munabanana.wordpress.com! 🙂

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Today’s post is up close and personal, so enjoy!

So… I received a question asking that if I have been bullied before in my life through my contact form. The question has been resting in my inbox for say 3 months, I kind of felt bad not answering it. Well, I could easily be like…

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But the ugly truth is, yes, I have been bullied before, countless of times. Now if I look back, I am actually glad that I was bullied before. I can’t exactly remember when it started but I think it was when I was 11.

Before I start my long story:

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What constitutes as bullying?

“Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.”

– from StopBullying.gov

I was a fat kid with the love of food. I was practically married to food you all, I can’t say I am now cos I struggle to eat. Then you know the people around me were like, “Fatty fatty bom bom?” yeah that thing.


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That’s the best they got, you all…


Then there were those people who made fun of my hairstyle which was plain mean cos what is wrong with having just a braid? D:

Then I left my primary/elementary school thinking it was over, but little did I know that the worst was yet to come… Throughout my first year in secondary/high school, I didn’t really have someone to call a friend besides my CCA mate who stuck through with me for the four years. However, I only had her during CCA times which was only on Fridays, sadly.

I had  friends in the class of course but some days, it felt like they were ashamed of being my friends. I felt used at times sometimes, I was even excluded from things sometimes. Then there were those people who constantly hurt me with words over and over again but at the least, it was right up to my face. The real bullies.

They made fun of practically everything I was:

  • My name
  • My hair
  • My voice (I was sounded whiny at times I guess)
  • My walking style
  • My runing style
  • My long skirt
  • My socks
  • Even the littlest things I did

I will agree I was a weird kid but really, those bullies highlighted everything I was and made me feel like I was never going to be good enough. I never stood up for myself, I was really scared and kept it all in. You know now that I think about it, they may have been obsessed with me. Hmm, that makes sense right? You know…

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HAHAHA jokes aside. These people made me question who I was in the most hurtful way ever. I started folding my skirt to above my knee, wearing ankle socks, running late for school and started not really caring about school rules. I started becoming someone else entirely just for them to stop. You would think they would have stopped, but nope, there were still people after me constantly  until I graduated.

There were also those girls who were so fake up front but behind my back, they talk about me a lot. They think I don’t know but ha, I do know. They are also those people who spread rumours about me. Nasty right? Yeah, I wish I knew how vicious they were but I didn’t.

After I got out of that school, I began questioning myself. Who am I? I slowly tried to fix my flaws. I even changed the name I wanted to be addressed as so I started calling myself as Muna instead since the start of  my polytechnic education. Every time someone calls me Asma, it just brings back bad memories. That’s how much I was hurt by it. I changed my style of dressing, I tried to be in trend so I started wearing skinny jeans, clothes that hugged my body cos I didn’t want to be seen as fat.

You would think it would have stopped but my relatives nitpicked my acne and my weight. That’s when I truly lost myself. It was a downward spiral cos I felt unloved even by my blood relatives, then you know what happened, I blogged about it before.

The thing is these bullies have affected me in ways that have been hurtful but I grew from this and came a long way. I am no longer that weak, fat and whiny girl. I’m a confident, lean, bold and maybe a little whiny when I am sick? I am still that girl who sings though she can’t, the girl who reads, the girl loves Taylor. Oh yeah, Taylor, her music helped me feel better when I was down.

I am not exactly thrilled that I was bullied until I was 17 to 18 ish but I will ensure that my daughter or son doesn’t go to bed crying like I did wondering what was wrong with me.

I would like to thank the people who gave me these mean and hurtful remarks, you unknowingly made me a better person.I have completely forgiven you but remember this, I believe what goes around comes around and I will never forget what you did to me. It is a memory of how far I have come and how much further I can go.

Thanks to you, I’d like to say I’m successful and have achieved my goals, thus far. I hope my success finds you well. They say success is the best revenge. So ouch.

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To those who are constantly being bullied, stand up for yourself and learn from my mistakes. If they hurt you physically, don’t keep it to yourself, approach someone. They can help you. Lastly, move on if it has happened to you and may success find you.

With that, ending with a song today:

Never doubt yourself.


Muna xoxo