I remember…

I remember that girl who just didn’t do well for her exams when she was just 12…

I remember that girl who was hurt every time when someone compared her results to someone else’s… not because she was sensitive but some were really mean…

I remember that girl who vowed to go to a Junior College just to prove them wrong…

Subsequently, I remember that girl who didn’t want to take her ‘O’ levels but she did…in the end…

I remember that girl who wanted to drop out of her diploma in the second year because the pressure was too much…

I remember that girl who just couldn’t study for her last semester in polytechnic due to many reasons…

I remember that girl that who just didn’t want to go to a university…

I remember that girl who wanted to drop out so badly after the first semester in Uni but she didn’t…

There were many times I could have given up but I didn’t. I am not sure what made me go on. Was it because of my tenacity? Was it because of my passion? Was it because of the people around me?

After all, I could say it is the turn of events but I know it is not, it was my hard work. I worked my butt off to get to where I am.

Like I wish I didn’t have to breakdown sometimes just to see how far I have come and how much further I could probably go…

Dear Future me,

this will be your reminder to keep striving even when you can’t go on. Even when you break down, read this and I hope it get you back up again. Just like it did today just by typing all this when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore.

Remember this too:


I remember that girl, will you too?

Signing off,

Loyal Snapchat User to Anti Snapchat User 🤔


The title may surprise you. I am not supposed to be blogging considering I have exams this Friday but this is something that is bugging me so much that I have to address it 😐

I am honestly sad to say that I am so done with Snapchat at the moment. It is just gonna sit at my phone but I am not gonna use it for reals. 

REALLY. Let me tell you what turned me against Snapchat.

Initially, I was rather annoyed with the new  (relatively) feature of Instagram: Insta Stories. 

I was honestly thought I was never gonna use insta stories because it was a “stolen” idea to me, no matter how you marketed it, Instagram. 

I don’t care if the copyright was bought or whatsoever, IT WAS A COPIED IDEA and I am not afraid to speak my mind. 

Cue to go all classic Saddie as this is my take on it:

PSA so yup

I still remember the email Instagram sent me to try Insta Stories, I was really displeased with it cos you might as well rebrand it as Snapchat 2.0.

So my life went on… Sometimes, I watched insta stories sometimes when I was really bored during a particular day.

 Then I was like heck, I wanted to know why so many people were using Insta Stories cos I open the app and see a whole list of stories. 

I tried it, guess what I actually liked it but I felt immensely guilty about it. Guilty because I felt like I was betraying Snapchat because the idea was an exact replica just different in some ways I guess.

I began using it for the next two days and the guilt consumed me and I quit for awhile…


Snapchat decided to crash on me 👏🏼😒 Note the sarcasm.

I went back on Insta Stories. This is because it has become second nature to update on Snapchat and if that is taken from me, I now know that I have another platform. In reality, I just think I am addicted. Oops. 

Stop giving excuses, Muna.

Snapchat has been my most used social account after Twitter because I live tweet for Tanglin ✌🏼I was really disappointed when it kept crashing and I sent in a complaint using the report a problem on the Snapchat website.

Guess what?

No one got back to me. 

I gave them excuses the whole time because it is huge corporation so they probably have many complaints. 

Besides, I love Snapchat and I have been using it for over 3 years and I have like nearly 30k points so yuppppp. I gave them excuses for two good days.

 Then I came across this article on BuzzFeed and India Times (I cross checked), saying how Snapchat CEO won’t invest in countries like India which is poor.

That did it for me. 

Excuse you, CEO of Snapchat, you do realise that is such a HUGE hindsight on your part? 

I am not speaking as an Indian cos I am technically not really Indian. However, I think it wasn’t really nice to say that about a heavily populated country?

In India, I believe that there are two extreme ends in terms of living conditions. There are the high end multimillionaires and those living in slums. Of course, there are those who fall under middle class. 

Honestly, I’d be still living in a mansion if my family never left India and globalisation wasn’t prevalent. What if my family never left India? So, CEO, are you saying I’m too poor for Snapchat?

 I’m not exactly rich here in Singapore either. But between Singapore and India, I think you would pick Singapore which is a bad move in my opinion.

If you want to expand your business, I think India is great because of the following:

1) Low operating costs

2) Lower wage

3) Many Tech geeks, in fact, the one who developed Microsoft stuff is an INDIAN. Of course, he sold it to Bill Gates cos he owns it now .

I could go on and on about India. I honestly it is a great country though I don’t ever wanna go back there (personal preference). 

Why I am allowed to give my opinion on this: 

One of my modules made me look into economics of the world as I worked on my essay.

I used to be Super biased against India but somehow the module broadened my horizons on worldly issues.

That’s why I’m upset with the words of Snapchat’s CEO. 

Which is also why I’m going to refrain my usage of snapchat when I can. 

And that’s the story of how I dumped Snapchat and would probably start using Insta Stories.

PS: I didn’t proof read this and all the best to everyone who is having finals! HANG IN THERE!