Chicken Chop could have been the death of me…


I have had this stashed in my drafts for about two months and last month, I decided I won’t do a post on this but still left it in my drafts. I have so many drafts that I am like what I am doing.

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Anyways, I did a lot of thinking and decided to do this post on that chicken chop that resulted in my food poisoning. I was gonna leave the restaurant’s name that I had it but I felt like it didn’t matter. I am not going to ruin their business so nope.

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Rewatching PLL S1 + Theories


Yes, you can say it… I’m crazy.


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How fitting is this GIF


I just finished re-watching Pretty Little Liars season 1-7, well known as PLL. I’m only re-watching cos I have nothing much to do. I really don’t want to start any new series, I am just too lazy for that. I kind of want to find out who Uber A/A.D. is. It is totally driving me insane not knowing. To make matters worse, Marlene I. King is like the worst executive producer, I AM NOT GETTING ANY ANSWERS SO FAR.

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