Chicken Chop could have been the death of me…


I have had this stashed in my drafts for about two months and last month, I decided I won’t do a post on this but still left it in my drafts. I have so many drafts that I am like what I am doing.

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Anyways, I did a lot of thinking and decided to do this post on that chicken chop that resulted in my food poisoning. I was gonna leave the restaurant’s name that I had it but I felt like it didn’t matter. I am not going to ruin their business so nope.

I was there on 6 March 2017 with a group of friends. I ordered chicken chop because I hadn’t had anything all day. I had to wait but I thought it was alright. I took pictures of the food and everything and started eating. I took a bite of a certain part of it and it felt odd like it was already spoiled.

I carried on eating and I was full. I couldn’t even drink water. When I got home, I was having the worst stomachache. I just lied on the floor because the pain was unbearable when I got up from my chair.

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Then when I could finally get up and I went out of my room, heading straight for the restroom. Guess what happened. SPLAT.Even before I got there, I just vomited all of the chicken

Even before I got there, I just vomited all of the chicken chop on the floor. That was really sucky and the same day, I vomited everything else that I had subsequently so I contacted the restaurant cos I was sure it was the food that was spoiled or contaminated.

Here goes…



I remember being annoyed at how I had to ask for a follow-up


Then this…



This is equivalent to calling me a liar but at the same time, admitting their mistakes? O.o

This is just part of the conversation but yup, I found myself blaming the restaurant the whole time. In my hindsight, I missed out that I could have played a part in my own food poisoning. Maybe the food was a little too oily so I should have had breakfast first and had a smaller meal.

The situation could have been completely avoided but it happened. It happened perhaps to teach me a lesson on gluttony. I ate the huge plate of chicken chop without ever thinking about the space in me for air or water….

Ever since then, I portion my meals better and eat smaller meals at more stipulated times. This reiterated the fact that just because you have a supply to food, you don’t always have to eat them all at one go.

Where is this post even going????

NOWHERE… okay, maybe somewhere

Ramadhan or also known as the month where Muslims fast is arriving in 5 days. Muslims fast as a commandment from God and this is where gluttony can be witnessed at the highest. This would be because they only have two meals, one in the morning and one at night. People tend to eat more than their needs which kind of defeats the purpose of fasting to feel the people who go through famine.

I have seen and have been guilty of gluttony since young during the time where my fast is broken (Iftar) but I now know why I shouldn’t be a glutton and I had learned it the hard way. So, just sharing my experience and hoping to reach people…

So that we all only eat what we need even during Ramadhan… I also hope that someday there’s no such thing as world hunger 😥

Alright, that’s all I have for today and I had no time to proofread so ignore my grammatical errors and lack of expression.



Rewatching PLL S1 + Theories


Yes, you can say it… I’m crazy.


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How fitting is this GIF


I just finished re-watching Pretty Little Liars season 1, well known as PLL. I’m only re-watching cos I have nothing much to do. I really don’t want to start any new series, I am just too lazy for that. I kind of want to find out who Uber A/A.D. is. It is totally driving me insane not knowing. To make matters worse, Marlene I. King is like the worst executive producer, I AM NOT GETTING ANY ANSWERS SO FAR.

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Yes, that’s me in frustration of not knowing the new big bad. I felt like Marlene was lying to the whole PLL fandom the whole time. I think there was only one master A like the other A reveals doesn’t make any sense to me anymore. The reveals so far could have been pawns.

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t caught up to 7×13!

Thoughts on season 1:

I can see that it is very simple and it kept me on my toes as I look for clues. I definitely got big clues from the first season despite Marlene saying the thing only starts in episode 6×11. I don’t believe that woman. Sorry, not sorry Marlene. I thought the first season was very sweet and it left me questioning. I must say that this is one of my favourite seasons as I don’t like the seasons after 4?

Let’s start with Mona:

I don’t believe she was A just because she was bullied by Alison, just doesn’t make sense.  Okay, let’s say she did and then losing Hanna was her reason to start again but nope, makes no sense as the A texts started before Hanna drifted from her. I am like 75% sure of it.

Furthermore, there would be this episode where Mona says, “I did everything you asked me to.” I also do not believe she was actually crazy in season 3? I felt like she was pretending the whole time? Even though she was seeing Anne Sullivan and all. I was not convinced.

Mona could have been the original A’s henchmen

Next Charlotte:

The reveal made no sense to me. She said Marion was pushed by Bethany off the building when she was a child??? But she was in the flashback where Toby and Alison were teenagers? Here’s the proof and thank you, immonkeyyo:

Furthermore, if she was a child when Marion was pushed off, wouldn’t Darren Wilden be 12 as well? How could he have been a cop who was in charge of the case when he was just a 12 year old? Makes no sense. Maybe she buried ‘her mum’, that is something I can believe.

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The reveal just never made sense to me. I couldn’t accept it, never will.  I just had to pen this down

This is the important part, my Uber A suspects:

#1 Mr Ezra Fitzgerald

He has been shady since the first season like omg, there was a point where Ezria could have broken up but it was convenient how there were three test answers found in Noel Kahn’s locker after he taunted Ezra the day before. Wow right?

And… Nothing bad ever happens to Aria from the start, A never sabotaged their relationship (Ezria). Meanwhile, Haleb, Paily and Spoby was constantly on the rocks. Also, who owns a limo? Ezra. Where did I see it? it was in the first season, omg. Then it reappears in the season 6B onwards. Isn’t this shady? Maybe it could be a different limo but they look the same to me?

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Then all the literature references in the A texts. Who loves literature? Ezra. Also did I mention about the lair that Ezra had for writing a book? Omg, who has three computer screens to write a book. What even. He is so lying.

He also appears at the odd timings of the show like in 4×13, he appeared at the end just to hand the phone to Aria? That’s sketchy.

#2 Lucas Gottesman

The new successful app developer? Smells like Uber A business to me. I don’t think that Ezra, the old man could have pulled off such an elaborate

13 Reasons Why: Love or Hate?


This post is brought to you by… Netflix.

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Nope, Netflix isn’t paying me for this 😦 I was wondering what is the big deal with this show and I decided to watch it. I’ll be sharing my thoughts for each one of the episodes so…


Episode 1 Afterthoughts:

Love: I like Clay Jensen, is that good enough? He’s a good character that keeps the story going? I like the narration of the story and it is honest.

Hate: I was honestly surprised that people sent tapes in the 21st century. I was just like huh? Okay, I also didn’t get how the new student, Hannah Baker, gets to be the Math assistant so that she can know Justin’s time table? Nope, don’t make no sense to me. Why do 16 year old sophmores have tattoos on them?!

Episode 2 Afterthoughts:

Love: Love it cos she finally had some friends. Okay, I could tell she is depressed and all but I felt like she just didn’t reach out for help at all throughout. The road to recovery in mental illness is basically acceptance, she basically in denial of it which is what most mental health patients go through.

Hate: Friends left her. Then she takes it out on Clay when she asked her about her insecurities? I think she meant special to him, not in a retarded sense. So, I felt she was being a little sensitive where she lashed out at Clay? THAT WAS NOT OKAY. (Maybe a little biased to Clay).

Episode 3 Afterthoughts:

Love: The story progression is really good, like I can totally see why she would feel to turn to suicide.

Hate: It’s super vulgar, really visual and Hannah could have gone to her parents? I mean her parents are not in the tape right?!

Episode 4 Afterthoughts:

Love: It addresses stalking too, I can relate ahahaha. I liked that she made friends with Courtney, although it was a short-lived friendship.

Hate: I don’t understand why Hannah’s mum blames everyone for what is on toilet cubicles? Some could have been done a long time ago and from what I remember, none of them labelled Hannah.

I felt that this show was promoting drinking? They are all 16 right?

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Also, Hannah isn’t the only victim, she practically dissed Tyler when he asked to hang out with her and he obviously released the photo >.> So, she ruined her own life? I don’t know, but she basically influenced everyone who got the tape to go to Tyler’s place. Aren’t you doing the same horrible thing that was done to you? Hannah, doesn’t that make equally bad? I don’t know.

Episode 5 Afterthoughts

Love: I keep saying this, I JUST LIKE THE PROGRESSION and the flashbacks are great and it is based on places as well. Love how Hannah was there for Jessica even though she was slapped by her. I also liked how Justin was protective over Jessica in present time.

Hate: I hated the ‘objectifying’ comment that Courtney made? I also hated how Clay’s mum was on the defence team of the lawsuit like HELLO, what’s there to defend when school was a contributing factor to her suicide.

Episode 6 Afterthoughts:

Love: Not even a reason.

Hate: I hated the violence at the start and imagine teenagers watching this and I’m also like why wasn’t anyone stopping Justin. WHY IS EVERYONE AFRAID TO STAND UP TO HIM .-.



And I was done with the show

I never watched another episode of it. And it is like, I wasn’t happy with anything anymore. I won’t lie that I actually felt the show was depressing to carry on watching. The whole drama was centred on a girl who went through everything? That includes molesting, bullying, rumours being spread, depression and so on.

I’m actually going to assume that Clay is on that tape because he didn’t protect her.

No Hannah, all I see is you being too trusting about the whole world, too nice to everyone. I believe that there is a good in every bad person and bad in every good person. All you focused on was the bad thing the person did to you but I’m sorry, people make mistakes, they do them unintentionally as per say.

Hannah, you took offence to what they said or did to you. Instead, you never once thought about how it could have been your fault for letting them treat you that way. I also think that you didn’t stand up for yourself while everything was going on, having studied your character in 6 episodes.

If someone were to spread rumours about me, I’d eventually find out and shut their face.

Rape being portrayed on the show? Not cool. It’s too visual and not something people would want to see. I don’t think it is ever easy if you get raped and oh, I freaking hate Bryce the first time I saw him. INSTANT HATE.

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You went to a guidance counsellor, sure but, I guess you were too depressed to even take what he said with a pinch of salt which is to move on. It has already happened, it’s not like there’s a time machine to make you go back and fix it. no.

Okay, I don’t know how getting raped feels like but I have been molested in my pre-teens. I’m not ashamed to say that out loud, it makes you feel… dirty like you are the one in the wrong, but you are not. I didn’t stand up for myself which is exactly what Hannah Baker did as well.

But right now, I’m living to tell it and I’m never gonna let that happen to me again. The show would have been more impactful if she actually got help and lived to tell the tale. Instead, it is a gruesome show that I can’t even watch….

This show to me only promotes:


Negativity because the show actually portrayed how Hannah Baker took her life, in a bathtub by slashing her wrists I believe. This could actually influence people to do it, in that sense it can be impactful to teenagers with depression. Also addressing issues like bullying, showing how it is done can influence people to act on them.

Also, it is extremely graphic and research has shown that images have a more superior effect on us than words. This phenomenon is known as picture superior effect. The brain practically only takes 13 milliseconds to process an image. Therefore, these graphic images are bound to affect us in ways we can never imagine.

I’m not sure what’s the age rating for this, but I don’t think even I should be watching this. It should be M21 or something, I’m still 20 by the way. It’s too disturbing to watch, the swearing, the violence, the mature acts and cutting. I think no one should watch this for the matter of fact.

In conclusion, I can’t see how a graphic drama would make people reach out for help when they are depressed when the drama shows how to end their life. Suicide isn’t so simple as to reaching out, this series’ portrayal of depression is DEPRESSING to watch.

Why I can comment on this?

I went for a course on mental illnesses, I have a certificate to prove it too.

Suicide is never so simple as to be based on how people treat you especially if the party is depressed. Depression is due to the lack of dopamine (correct me if I am wrong). It is due to the lack of the chemical, not because of what people really say. Yes, words hurt but there aren’t the primary cause here. The show makes it seem so simple as though what people say are the cause of depression and suicide, people are born with that way and all it takes is a trigger.

To me sending tapes to the people who’ve hurt you after you’ve died seems to be sending a message that it’s ok if people hurt you just commit suicide and they’ll live in guilt forever.


All I’m saying is this show is vicious and not for human viewing.

For the record, I hate it if you haven’t caught on.

The End.

Signing off,