Chicken Chop could have been the death of me…


I have had this stashed in my drafts for about two months and last month, I decided I won’t do a post on this but still left it in my drafts. I have so many drafts that I am like what I am doing.

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Anyways, I did a lot of thinking and decided to do this post on that chicken chop that resulted in my food poisoning. I was gonna leave the restaurant’s name that I had it but I felt like it didn’t matter. I am not going to ruin their business so nope.

I was there on 6 March 2017 with a group of friends. I ordered chicken chop because I hadn’t had anything all day. I had to wait but I thought it was alright. I took pictures of the food and everything and started eating. I took a bite of a certain part of it and it felt odd like it was already spoiled.

I carried on eating and I was full. I couldn’t even drink water. When I got home, I was having the worst stomachache. I just lied on the floor because the pain was unbearable when I got up from my chair.

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Then when I could finally get up and I went out of my room, heading straight for the restroom. Guess what happened. SPLAT.Even before I got there, I just vomited all of the chicken

Even before I got there, I just vomited all of the chicken chop on the floor. That was really sucky and the same day, I vomited everything else that I had subsequently so I contacted the restaurant cos I was sure it was the food that was spoiled or contaminated.

Here goes…



I remember being annoyed at how I had to ask for a follow-up


Then this…



This is equivalent to calling me a liar but at the same time, admitting their mistakes? O.o

This is just part of the conversation but yup, I found myself blaming the restaurant the whole time. In my hindsight, I missed out that I could have played a part in my own food poisoning. Maybe the food was a little too oily so I should have had breakfast first and had a smaller meal.

The situation could have been completely avoided but it happened. It happened perhaps to teach me a lesson on gluttony. I ate the huge plate of chicken chop without ever thinking about the space in me for air or water….

Ever since then, I portion my meals better and eat smaller meals at more stipulated times. This reiterated the fact that just because you have a supply to food, you don’t always have to eat them all at one go.

Where is this post even going????

NOWHERE… okay, maybe somewhere

Ramadhan or also known as the month where Muslims fast is arriving in 5 days. Muslims fast as a commandment from God and this is where gluttony can be witnessed at the highest. This would be because they only have two meals, one in the morning and one at night. People tend to eat more than their needs which kind of defeats the purpose of fasting to feel the people who go through famine.

I have seen and have been guilty of gluttony since young during the time where my fast is broken (Iftar) but I now know why I shouldn’t be a glutton and I had learned it the hard way. So, just sharing my experience and hoping to reach people…

So that we all only eat what we need even during Ramadhan… I also hope that someday there’s no such thing as world hunger 😥

Alright, that’s all I have for today and I had no time to proofread so ignore my grammatical errors and lack of expression.