Let’s discuss… Stereotypes in Singapore


I felt that this is super important to talk about considering how people think that it does not exist.

News Flash… IT DOES.

And you know what is so sad about it? People do not even know that it exists. It exists in every little joke you make about someone being too ‘Indian’, too ‘Malay’,

Yes, you probably said something like that yourself or heard it as a joke before.

Why do I choose to address it now? Well, I wanted to highlight Shrey Bhargava’s post:

The first time I read about the post, I was like, “Hmm interesting.” In fact, I thought nothing was wrong with doing a full blown accent to impress the audience and make them laugh a little. I mean he is an actor after all, isn’t that his job?

I brushed it off and failed to see the bigger picture…

However, I read the comments and thought, hmmm, why are people so offended cos it was his opinion and experience in the audition so why be such a butthurt? Maybe, it wasn’t the best post but you have no right to say he shouldn’t be hurt.

I even saw comments telling him to go back to India? Hello, it is his country as much as yours? How would you feel I told you to go back to wherever you/ your ancestors came from?


All those people who actually said mean things to him or made fun of him, shame on you. What is terrible isn’t his post, it was people’s response, I felt hurt as an Indian who doesn’t have a full-blown Indian accent.

To make matters worse, the blogger that I actually had respect for, XiaXue or also known Wendy Cheng Yan Yan, just took things into her hands and decided to post a reaction to it.

Her opinion is invalid as much as people telling me that I look prettier without makeup.

Image result for I know right gif

You know what’s pathetic about her post? She never understood the issue. The issue wasn’t Jack Neo being racist. It was about stereotypes that other Singaporeans have of OTHER Singaporean Indians. Also, Wendy, you said so yourself that “HURT IS SUBJECTIVE” and why aren’t you standing by what you said? Hmm?

This is the point where I realised I no longer liked Xiaxue as much anymore. I dislike people who can’t stay true to what they say.

Shrey may not have done the best job in his post but I can relate to him.

He was talking about the Stereotype of an Indian…

This is something I can relate to on a personal level. It was like saying every Indian had a full-blown Indian accent, a stereotype as I would put it. People have asked me how come I don’t have an Indian accent. I just don’t, I am a Singaporean Indian, not from India lol.

Why is that accent used as a marketing or rather a comical element in the movie? Why is the Indian accent so funny to people?

Do you laugh at British accent or the American accent? Why is the Indian accent a funny element in a movie?

The incorporation of the full-blown Indian accent into a film that Singaporeans watch would give them the impression that maybe all Indians speak that way and that’s not cool. In this age, media is so influential and people tend to believe whatever they see on the internet and yes, the reflection of reality might be more appropriate.

Okay, maybe one thing uncalled for was the Chinese country part. I don’t even get the point of it.

As for XiaXue…

I have admired you since 2014 or so. You really made it big and love your “Guide to Life” series. I really still do… You made a post out of the one sentence that Shrey may have meant wrong. I just did not like your reply to it at all. Also, he never said it was racist as far as I can recall. Get your facts right.

Yes, he is an actor but he has a choice as to how to portray his character and I feel that every actor should be given that opportunity to choose how they portray the character.

I’m so done with you, Xiaxue, I think I have been since the K-pop ordeal.

Please learn to understand and internalise everything before you speak your mind.

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So I’mma stop right here.

If you belong to the majority of Singapore and was butthurt by his post, you were probably offended and it’s cos you are guilty of it. Guilty of trying to imitate the accent and laughing it off.

Don’t you dare lie to me that that you did not. Cos even I did it before and I’m Indian and I was clearly immature, mind you.

Moral of the story: Express your feelings but don’t bring other races in, I think that’s why everyone was annoyed.

Alright, peace out!