Let’s talk about… Double Standards


I swear this is not a click bait. I wasn’t exactly sure how to word the title but I think this should do?

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Well, you have to accept it and get ready for another opinion based post because I have strong opinions.

Double Standards

Can we just talk about how society perceives certain standards to be acceptable to a group of people but it is not acceptable to a different group?

Let me just give you a personal example:

When I was ‘plum’ as I would put it, one of my relatives told me this:

“Hey, you know guys like slim girls right? If you continue being fat, no one’s going to want to marry you.”

When I got into working out, two of my friends told me this:

“So, you work out a lot now right? You know guys don’t like girls who are muscular right?”

For the record, I no longer associate myself with the two friends above nor do I give two shits about what they say.


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For getting rid of toxic people, as for the relative, can’t do much.

Does it really matter if I’m fat or muscular as a woman? Why is feminity associated with being slim and why can’t we be muscular as well?

At the same time, if a guy is super skinny, he is considered to be a ‘wuss’ or a weak person. But why is it alright for a woman to be skinny? So why do the different genders have different body standards? Why can’t we be the same? Or why is the other standard not accepted?

Yes, I get that the male species, in general, are the ones who are supposedly physically stronger. And you know what? I totally agree.

What if it is a woman’s soul trapped in a man’s body and he doesn’t want to be muscular?  Or simply because he doesn’t want to work out?

It is sad that in today’s society that a lot of issues are associated with a certain standard for certain group of people.


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The ‘Like’ Button is WAITING right for you to click it.


Like how grades are associated with intelligence where if you score a better grade, you are smarter but to me, it’s all about discipline.

Like the perception of how a good leader is usually a man. *cough cough* Totally hinting at America’s election last year.

Like how prisoners are not allowed to vote? Aren’t they members of the society too? Are you saying that they don’t have voting rights? Why?

Like how women are considered selfish if they don’t want to have children but for a man, it is alright? Hello, it’s the 21st Century?

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Like how women are expected to know how to cook, why can’t men cook for a change?

Like how men can’t be more emotional than women? No, I think we are all entitled to cry sometimes.

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With that, I just want to say be you, hell with society’s standards. Do what you love and if anyone says anything about it, tell them:

“It’s my life, not yours and I don’t wanna hear it.”

In fact, I have started saying it and people have started shutting up so embrace yourself and who cares what the society thinks. Remember, you are part of the society.

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great week ahead!

See ya next time,

Muna c:



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  1. theloyalbritwit says:

    I agree with you entirely! Wow. Props to you and your incredibly writing, honesty, and aplomb for sharing this post. It’s sad there’s so many double standards about so many things. I think this is a post that needs to be read and shared! Thanks. 🙂

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