All about weight loss – right way


I know what you all are gonna say. YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON TO BE TALKING ABOUT THIS .-.

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Hey! But I recovered from my eating issues so enough said. I’m so glad I did, in fact, what inspired me to write this piece is my friend, C. Thank you for telling me that you are proud of me for overcoming my issues with eating and starving myself.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

In these two years, on my road to recovery, I have learnt a couple of things that really helped me lose that extra pound that I just don’t want sometimes, just to fit into a dress or sometimes, my new jeans.

Before all that, I want to emphasize that weight loss is attributed to: 70% diet and 30% workout.


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#1 Drink two glasses of water before each meal

This preps your stomach that you are going to eat in a way. When you do this, you tend to not overeat and you will feel fuller after your meal.

#2 Water-loading

This is my personal favourite and I have seen the benefits of it. Water-loading is basically drinking a lot of water at one go, any amount but when you use the rest room, you are shedding some weight.

I drink 3.2 Litres every single day. There isn’t a day where I’m carrying my bottle to drink loads of water because water is better than all those soft drinks out there.

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#3 Avoid soft drinks; drink green tea or black coffee instead

Wait a moment. You are telling me to drop soft drinks completely? No, I am not. I’m saying you can have it once in awhile. In fact, I still do have it sometimes but I have cut it down by a lot.

I used to drink Pepsi, fruit juice and all those drinks high in sugar content. Our body only needs 25 grams of sugar per day if you are a woman but for men, it is 37.5 grams per day. And you should take a guess of how much sugar a can of coke contains…

11 grams, that is almost half of what should be consumed daily. If you over consume sugar, it will be converted to glycogen which will be stored in the liver as fats.

Why Green Tea or black coffee? Well, they have caffeine which accelerates your metabolism and anything with caffeine increases your urine flow so back to #2

#4 Apple Cider Vinegar

This is my favourite kitchen ingredient at the moment. I take two table spoons of it every morning to increase my metabolism rate for the whole day so that I wouldn’t have to control what I wanna eat essentially.

#5 Eat smaller portions; more meals

Smaller portions keep you in check as you are eating lesser but it will help you see if you are still hungry after that meal. I have five meals a day but my meals are in smaller portions. I take less rice because my mum doesn’t use brown rice. I also take less meat if it is mutton or beef or crab. I take loads of vegetable for fibre.

But… I would be hungry soon and usually, I go with a fruit. Sometimes, I have so many meals that my dinner ends up being a fruit and that is okay.

#6 Have Cheat days

WHAT? Yes, sometimes you need them, essentially if you are watching what you eat like I know I am going to have a cheat day today because I am thinking of a heavy dinner right now.

This is a reward for working hard on your weight loss journey and you need it. But, do not exceed having more than 50% of what you usually have. That’s just gonna defeat the purpose.

#7 Switch to healthier options

White rice to brown rice. Milk chocolate to Dark chocolate. Soft drinks to water. The list goes and I’ll spare you of the shock of how much you can change your diet.

#8 Exercise

This is a no brainer, you need to keep moving if you wanna burn those unwanted calories. Why do you wanna keep them inside of you??? Get moving and you’ll see the difference.

That’s all I have about this.

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great week! 😉

See ya next time,

Muna 🙂