Beyond Pancakes


Today’s post is about this pancake place I went to, with a Friend. It is called Beyond Pancakes! So it is natural that I expect darn good pancakes! I first came to know about it on Twitter and I knew I had to try it. Hence, I went to the place to check it out.

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SinSeh: The Grocery


Today I’ll be featuring a cafe that is close to my heart as I really love some of the items on the menu. Let me get straight into it… The cafe is none other than SinSeh: The Grocery. This cafe is affiliated with The Lab SG which I have featured about a year ago! I have been here a couple of times but today I decided that I should feature this. It is one of my favourite dessert places but I promise not to be biased. This time, I was there with my friend, R.

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Maras @ One KM


Okay, so I haven’t done a Cafe review in ages, try maybe 3 months…

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-Whistles Innocently-

Today, I will be reviewing a cafe I visited last month which is known as Maras Cafe. Maras Cafe is something like Gelare but only better and cheaper. I have tried Gelare before but I wasn’t really happy with it. Maras Cafe is relatively new, I think it only opened like last year after 1km mall was built. They do not only have deserts but they do have sides and main courses too. My friend who didn’t want to be mentioned, let’s call her H.

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I Am… Cafe review


Today I’ll be reviewing I am… cafe. This cafe is an European influenced cafe.  The cafe features food from particularly Amsterdam in Europe. I particularly wanted to try their rainbow cake and also celebrate my closest bro (B) in poly’s birthday. Killing two birds with one stone 😉 B and I went there for a casual lunch cos we haven’t met since Graduation.


Here’s the view of the cafe along Haji Lane. The ambiance of the cafe was pretty alright, it was a little windy not too much. To add on, I have heard that during dinner it is very packed and crowded so we went there for lunch instead.

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TenderFresh Classic Review


Muna here, struggling to keep up with her promises… But it is Saturday so… not the end of the week right?

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Well, please have mercy on this poor person, who has to deal with school and stuff :c School is just…

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Well, I have ten more weeks to my exam. After that I get to enjoy and blog all I want so until then I definitely have to cut down on the blogging. Anyway, I managed to accomplish something that I put on my bucket list which was… TO EAT ALONE AT A RESTAURANT!

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Wilder Cafe Review


I am finally posting a cafe review after two weeks? In any case….

This is a super delayed post, once again, I am sorry and oops…

I went to Wilder Cafe with Amelie after a long day of work. Wilder Cafe is known for serving familiar comfort food for the locals with a pinch of boldness. I first heard of the cafe from one of my poly classmates about their truffle fries. YES, TRUFFLE. ♥.♥

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