The Mad Sailors – British Kitchen


Today, I’ll be featuring one of the cafes I visited during the summer break! Mad Sailors! Mad Sailors is one of the cafes under the Black Hole Group (Singapore). It has also been around for quite some time in Singapore so I decided to try it out!

Here is how the place looks like, enjoy the slideshow!

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Here’s the menu as well!



In my opinion, I was disappointed with the menu because I felt like there weren’t many options. I ended getting the meal deal and a side with H because I basically did not know what to eat that day. I don’t exactly remember seeing a drinks menu either.

The meal deal comes with the main dish, a cold brewed tea and an apple! I ordered the Cod Fish and Chips while H had the Easy Peasy meal.


Cold Brewed Tea 🙂

I just have to say that the tea was good and I did not regret my choice of going thrifty for one day. I have no complaints about the tea.Let me introduce the sides we got… If you know me well enough, you would have guessed it by now…

Let me introduce the sides we got… If you know me well enough, you would have guessed it by now…

YES CHICKEN, if you didn’t…

Image result for do you even know me gif

The chicken wings were called Marmite Honey Wings. It is basically just wings with herbs, honey and marmite. Up until that day, I have never tasted Marmite. Let me just say, I loved the chicken so much. I might actually just go back for the wings though I think I can make it myself.

I might actually just go back for the wings though I think I can make it myself. But who’s gonna help me when I burn the kitchen down? hahahaha

TA-DA, my main dish. My first impression was that this portion of food is too small or I thought so. The batter was good. I particularly enjoyed the dip that was provided and I definitely had my Fish &Chips with vinegar, except it was with malt vinegar! That was the first time I tasted malt vinegar because I usually have mine with white vinegar?! Malt Vinegar wasn’t too bad for the dish, I still prefer the usual.

Also, if you haven’t been eating Fish & Chips with vinegar, you should totally try it, it elevates the dish to a whole new level!

How can I leave out H’s dish, Easy Peasy!

This dish is made of linguine, smoked duck, and mushrooms in a cream sauce with some parmesan cheese. I would say that the duck was cooked perfectly but I just did not think the cream sauce was the best. It was the kind of cream sauce that would make you sick after you keep eating it…

You know what I mean? If it is any consolation, I thought it was still pretty decent pasta dish.

Based on the cafe ambiance, food and service, I will score it a….

I didn’t think that there was anything super mind blowing or outstanding about the food but at the same time, I would say the food is pretty decent and I enjoyed it. To me, my favourite was the wings but again, nothing you can’t do by yourself.



24 Haji Ln,

Singapore 189217

(10 mins walk from Bugis MRT)

Phone number:

+65 8248 2853

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday; 12pm to 10pm
Friday: 12pm to 11pm
Saturday: 10am to 11pm
Sunday; 10am to 10pm


That’s all!

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great week! 😉

See ya next time,

Muna 🙂


Pandan themed McCafé Menu review

Hi everyone!

It was a hell of a week, I was pretty busy with life… And Monday appeared…

Image result for oh no friends gif

This is going to be a really quick post considering I’ll be reviewing the last two items on the McDonald’s menu that is uniquely Singapore! Also, fret not, I managed to put up a small post despite being sick and busy 😦

Image result for yay me gif

This will be what this post will be featuring!

#1 Kueh Salat Cake

Basically, this dish based this traditional kueh called Kueh Salat that we have at Singapore! It looks like this! There is the creamy green custard thing (I don’t know, I’m not Malay :() and the white glutinous rice

Image result for kueh salat

I would say the resemblance is 9.15/10

My Verdict:

I liked this a lot, the essence coconut was spot on. I liked the extra bits of coconut on top of the dish itself. It gives the cake a refined look. I wish some cafe did come up with this, I’d actually go there and spend considering this is temporary on the McCafé menu 😦



Would I eat it again?

Image result for is that even a question gif

#2 Pandan Coco Frappé

This frappé is made up of pandan and coconut with grass jelly. That is all, then of course, the obvious whipped cream!

Image result for duh karen gif

My Verdict:

Initially, I liked it because of the grass jelly. Then, it felt too sweet for me and I’m a sweet tooth, at least my mum says I am. In the end, it didn’t even matter because I couldn’t drink the rest of the drink because it was too thick and stuck to the cup, I DK WHY…

Let me collect myself because I just reminded myself of Linkin Park 😦


2.5/5 (Grass jelly and whipped cream)

Would I drink it again?


Image result for bye gif

You lost me, McDonald’s for this drink 😦


This is the last instalment of McDonald’s review for the month. With the Nasi Lemak burger gone in two weeks, you should definitely try this while it lasts!

With that, I would like to end my post…

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great week! 😉

See ya next time,

Muna 🙂

Maras @ One KM review


Okay, so I haven't done a Cafe review in ages, try maybe 3 months…

Image result for innocent whistling gif

Today, I will be reviewing a cafe I visited last month which is known as Maras Cafe. Maras Cafe is something like Gelare but only better and cheaper. I have tried Gelare before but I wasn't really happy with it. Maras Cafe is relatively new, I think it only opened like last year after 1km mall was built. They do not only have deserts but they do have sides and main courses too. My friend who didn't want to be mentioned, let's call her H.

H and I went here on a Saturday to check out since H wanted to get Ice Cream here hahaha. I was looking for a cheap outing for one time cos yeah, I was broke.

Image result for broke university student gif

Anyways, here are some pictures of how the place looks like 😀



First, we ordered the salted caramel waffle. The taste was rich and my favourite part of it… was the salted caramel sauce. I can't recall the flavour of the ice cream.

The sweetness of the ice cream and the saltiness of the sauce are flavours that worked in harmony. So, the savoury and sweetness was fused to give a perfect dish where you want both and you can expect them both. The waffle with the ice cream was on promotion so I think I spent $10.90 on it

The next thing we tried would be the cheese fries and that was it. Sorry, budget Muna here, hahaha.


I am just gonna be blunt here. This costs $4.50, a little more costly than the regular KFC cheese fries.Well, it is not as bad as KFC (Like trust me, I love their chicken but not their cheese fries).

Image result for sam and chicken gif

I liked the little bits of cheese that was grated on top of the cheese sauce added, it left like a finishing touch to the dish! I absolutely liked it a lot, I was trying to eat more while H talked, oops.

Image result for guilty pll gif

Based on the cafe ambiance, food and service, I will score it a….

I loved the waffles, the texture was just right, it was really soft and good to chew on. The fries were just a win for me.However, I had to wait for my food for a long time, especially my cheese fries. I also dread the walk from the MRT to the place itself. Given a choice, I would definitely go back there again.


11 Tanjong Katong Rd,


Singapore 437157

(5-7 minutes walk from Paya Lebar MRT to One KM mall)

Phone number:

+65 6702 2466

Opening Hours:

Everyday, 11am – 9.30pm

Bye you all! I have also removed my question section due to personal reasons 😡

UPDATE: The café no longer exists, just noticed when I went to the mall again 😢

Muna xoxo


I Am… Cafe review


Today I’ll be reviewing I am… cafe. This cafe is an European influenced cafe.  The cafe features food from particularly Amsterdam in Europe. I particularly wanted to try their rainbow cake and also celebrate my closest bro (B) in poly’s birthday. Killing two birds with one stone 😉 B and I went there for a casual lunch cos we haven’t met since Graduation.


Here’s the view of the cafe along Haji Lane. The ambiance of the cafe was pretty alright, it was a little windy not too much. To add on, I have heard that during dinner it is very packed and crowded so we went there for lunch instead.


This is fries with mayo, normal cut fries, it costs around $8 or 9. I even got the cheese dip at an extra dollar, B agreed to it 😀 . CHEESE IS LOVE. The thing was that they cut it themselves I think because I could clearly see it. The fries were cooked pretty alright, tender and good potato. Any potato is good. Potato is love when… I was fat. On second thought, lots of things were love when I was fat.



LAMB LAMB, sorry all that’s on my mind


This is my main, Lamb Sausage Ragu Pasta with saffron cream sauce which costs $14.90. It was unique to see the saffron cream on the menu. I had to see what colour the cream was so I had to order it. The saffron cream was very mild, cream base. Loved the lamb and it had this spicy kick when you bit into it. It was truly out of the world.


SOTONG!!!!! ❤

This is the seafood pasta, B’s main. He was nice enough to let me try, hahaha. I liked the cream base but still it wasn’t as good as mine. He never let me eat the sotong so no further comments D: This costs $15.90, hahaha.



Skittlesss, taste the rainbow in cake form 😀


I know it sounds I should have been full but, yeah, need to celebrate B’s birthday. What is a birthday without the cake right? This is the rainbow cake that practically everyone instagram-s after going to I am…

This was really moist and and I loved the cream and the texture was amazing. This costs I think $9.90? It’s been like two months 😀 so I apologise.


Based on their food quality, cafe ambiance and service, I would give I am… cafe…

This is probably one of the highest rating I would ever give to a cafe. Their service was flawless and it was pretty fast. The food was good obviously. The ambiance was nice as well, windy and like really home-ly feeling? I don’t know. One thing that would have made it better is that they could have served us the first glass of water, I mean, by then, my ankle was already having issues 😦 So yup. I’m a frail woman D:

I would definitely go back here if I get the opportunity to do so.


674 North Bridge Road,

Singapore 199486

(10 minutes walk from Bugis MRT)

Phone number:

+65 6295 5509 (For Reservations, 4 pax and above)

The best thing about I am… cafe is that they do deliveries too! I found their Foodpanda site too, so if you lazy to head down like me right now:

Adios, sorry for not posting last week. Last week was kinda like hell week for me so I didn’t have the time. I am sorry you all. I probably won’t be posting until next weekend too 😦 See you in October!

Lots of love,

Muna xoxo

Fix Grill Review

Hola, cómo estas?

Si… I am speaking in Spanish and that can only mean one thing! No, I am not trying to be Dora again but the thing is today I will be reviewing a Mexican cafe by the name of…. WAIT FOR IT….



Fix Grill is a Mexican food based poolside cafe located in the heartland of Singapore. OOPS, I spoiled it. I went there to catch up with one of my lecturers like two months ago, I have been too busy and occupied by school to post it up. They have a wide range of Mexican food, local based drinks and cakes that are really appealing just from the look of the menu. The below are some pictures of the cafe 😀 (I took more pictures this time.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got our menu of course and I had to feature the menu to show the different varieties. Here are pictures of the menu!!

It didn’t take us long and I was more adventurous than usual. I decided on a sweet and spicy drink, Iced Lemongrass Gula Melaka.


This costs like $5?


When it arrived, I didn’t expect to see a lemongrass sticking out of the cup but yup it was there. It is actually for stirring the drink, only realised it when the Gula Melaka was sinking below 😡 (Can be a bit dumb sometimes). The taste was really unique, it was sweet and spicy and I didn’t regret getting it.


This is my lecturer’s Lychee and peach tea 🙂 Cost the same.

This was sweet and it is a drink where nothing can go wrong because peach goes well with almost everything so… What could possibly go wrong right? Yes, so it was great and I have no complaints about it.

Then the inevitable waiting time for our main dish arrived, that was expected especially since the cafe was crowded and swarming with people. What disappointed me was I had to wait for my food for about 25 minutes and yet, it wasn’t there,people who arrived later than me had their food. WHAT :c Muna was sad of course :c

We had to remind them and see when our food would arrive. We got the main in another five minutes and with an apology cos they got it mixed with the overwhelming amount of people. Apology accepted, only cos I got my Mexican food ❤

Introducing the first main!!!



This cost like $18 if I recall correctly


Enchiladas! We got the pulled beef one. I generally like beef but I like it even more when it is pulled beef. It was really soft and it shows that it was cooked well. I loved the sauce it came with, best enchiladas I have ever tasted. Loved it absolutely, maybe a bit biased cos of the beef. Mama loves her beef so….

Here’s the second main we ordered which is the Mexican fried chicken. How can I not have fried chicken when it is on the menu. I couldn’t walk away. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I did.



Mama also loves her chicken, this was $14


The chicken was seasoned and well cooked. I REALLY loved the dip and all.  It was unique that I can’t even tell the composition of the dip. In other words, you should just go over and try, hahaha. It was good but I preferred the first main.

Here’s the favourite part of my cafe exploration…img_3360

THIS CAKE WAS THE BOMB. It felt really fluffy and nice. It was like being on air and whenever I ate. It felt like it had marshmallows in it and it melted right in my mouth. IT WAS SO DARN GOOD.


Based on the cafe ambiance, food and service, I will score this cafe a….

But that is only cos I had to wait for my food for a long time, otherwise, I have no complaints and I felt like it was really great having that poolside view to look at while enjoying my food. The best part of it all, the food was cooked perfectly and it was just amazing!


31 Ah Hood Rd,

#01-06 HomeTeam NS-JOM Clubhouse,

Singapore – 329979


+65 6256 1484

Opening hours:

11 am – 11pm

That’s all I have for today and I am absolutely exhausted, need to get off my school laptop and Skype with a friend. I hope you guys try it and do let me know what you think! ❤

Side note: I saw this guy with the EXACT same badge which says “Alhamdulillah” but in red that I have on my pencil case the other day. That’s not even the best part, it was his race which I am not gonna reveal but he is probably a muslim?  IS THIS FATE? 😮

Okay, I am just bullshitting cos I only noticed the badge and never even saw his face, so I GOT YOU SO GOOD!

That’s all.

Muna xoxo

TenderFresh Classic Review


Muna here, struggling to keep up with her promises… But it is Saturday so… not the end of the week right?

Image result for boo gif

Well, please have mercy on this poor person, who has to deal with school and stuff :c School is just…

Image result for hell gif

Well, I have ten more weeks to my exam. After that I get to enjoy and blog all I want so until then I definitely have to cut down on the blogging. Anyway, I managed to accomplish something that I put on my bucket list which was… TO EAT ALONE AT A RESTAURANT!

This was the first time I went to ate alone. I have never ever done it before, I am so sure of it. I am the kind of person who eats with someone in front of me at any eating establishments. If I am alone, I would rather request for it to be tapau-ed (packed) than to eat at the place itself.

So… My first time eating alone was at this place called Tenderfresh Classic. Tenderfresh Classic started off in those hawker centres like in Eunos coffee shop serving a variety of western food like chicken chop, Fish and chips and so on.The place was quite narrow but enough for to sit about 20-30 people at one time? The ambiance was nice. I liked the wallpaper they used. The signage was huge but…

You know I how I have never eaten alone in a restaurant by myself… Usually the waiter would take your order or my friends drag me to order… So as someone who never ate alone… I didn’t know where to order so I a bit blur blur, went to the collection counter to order. I was shown where the counter to order was. OOPS. But I’m cute right? 😛 -tries to mask stupidity with that-



Here’s my overpriced moctail  😡


I remember paying like $4.50 for this. I know it is expensive but poor Muna was too thirsty and water wasn’t an option for me at that time…. EXCUSES. I just wanted to try it okay. It was sweet, not too sweet. It was just a regular passionfruit and lemon tea fusion, so the drink didn’t go wrong. Then my main arrived, I have tried all of their western food main you know like chicken chop and etc. I wanted something unique. I ordered a main that had duck meat. I haven’t had duck meat… for as long as I can remember.


My main: Smoked duck breast penne with Thai sauce


This cost me like $8? The duck was cooked to perfection and really succulent, with the duck fat there. Damn it was amazing! ♥.♥ The thai sauce was unique and wow, it was spicy 😉 I finished my drink before I finished the meal. Luckily I ordered a drink right?

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal like I didn’t have to stop to talk. Not that I don’t like talking, it was just different and yup, if you haven’t tried eating alone, you should try it 😀

Overall, in terms of ambiance, food and service, I would score Tenderfresh Classic a….

Image result for 3.5/5 stars

This is because I don’t like that it is pretty crammed up into a rectangle though the ends were like an open concept. It was only okay because of that if not, I might be claustrophobic, for real. The food was nice, unique. The mocktail is overpriced though. I wouldn’t pay that much for a mocktail again. I would definitely visit them again cos it was nice. THAT DUCK.


Tenderfresh Classic Cheong Chin Nam Road

9 Cheong Chin Nam Road

Singapore – 599734

Tenderfresh Classic One KM

One KM Mall,11 Tanjong Katong Road,

#B1-K3,  Singapore – 437157

Tenderfresh Classic Waterway Point

Waterway Point (Shopping Centre)

East Wing, #B2-04, 83 Punggol Central,

Singapore – 828761

Do head to any of the locations and try their awesome fusion food! 🙂

Note: I typed this in under 30 minutes with distraction, please excuse the typos 😡

Well, that’s the end of this blog post. I actually typed regards to end off, the sending of formal emails have gotten to me D: Thanks for reading and the support… So….


Muna xoxo

The Lab SG review


School’s been a drag and I haven’t had the time to blog either. *cough cough* TANGLIN.

I am like on the way to school and I am composing this post. Poor me right? 😦

On top of that I have seemed to have forgotten how to blog on my wordpress app too :c

Yes, you saw it right, I am finally posting a cafe review that is not more than 3 months overdue. YAY 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Today I will be reviewing the cafe, The Lab SG! I went there with my closest cousin, Ice cos we hadn’t met in awhile. The Lab SG is well known for their experimental food and drinks and as a chemist I had to check it out!

First, we had the buffalo wings as our side cos it sounded nice and of course, it was wonderful. Well, guess what the dip was, BLUE CHEESE. I was so scared to try it…

Here are the buffalo wings for to drool at 😉 It was close to $10

But when I tried it, it was amazeballs… Well, still that cousin of mine had most of it 😒 Aiyo, cannot go café with her next time, kidding, Ice, you know I love you 😛

I decided to be a little experimental myself too so I ordered something that was out of my comfort zone. I ordered something that was cream based. It was called the crispy salmon skin.

Me with my main, crispy salmon skin

It cost like $17.90. When I initially saw it, I thought I would be hungry after I finished the meal but I was surprisingly full. Though the portion looks small, it was really filling. The elements of the dish were all fused in a way it all made sense. Am I making sense?

Overall, based on the lab SG’s ambiance, food and service, I would give a rating of

This is because the ambiance could be better, the place could use a fresh coat of paint and some new tables to spice it up a little. Without reservation, I would recommend The Lab SG to all of you reading this.


1 Jln Pisang, 

Singapore – 199069


+65 6299 5681

Do check it out! 😉😉😉

That’s all for the cafe review guys… I mean girls too 🤐

I am gonna bring it down from two posts a week to one post a week because I am tied down with school and life. If I get settled better, you will see two posts a week!

Muna xoxo

Wilder Cafe Review


I am finally posting a cafe review after two weeks? In any case….

This is a super delayed post, once again, I am sorry and oops…

I went to Wilder Cafe with Amelie after a long day of work. Wilder Cafe is known for serving familiar comfort food for the locals with a pinch of boldness. I first heard of the cafe from one of my poly classmates about their truffle fries. YES, TRUFFLE. ♥.♥

Okay maybe the mushroom doesn’t look so appetizing…

Anyway, we got there and the place was rather packed so we had to sit quite near the door  😦 They were quick with handing us menus. We ordered like within the next five minutes. We had to wait like for 25 minutes for the truffle fries and only after asking so many times? So after all that, we got the truffle fries and I would say it was disappointing. I could barely taste the truffle in it. Further more, I have had truffle fries like five times from different places? I would give this the 3rd place. There were no cheese bits and it felt blend.


This cost I think $9?

Then our mains arrived. Never mind, the fries weren’t up to my expectation but the main was HAHAHAHA. I don’t even know what to say. You should guess which is my main first. Nope, it is not the one with the egg. It is the soup looking one which was called homemade gnocchi with with cheese and shrooms. I fell for the word ‘Gnocchi’. I have never tried one so I wanted to.


Amelie’s pasta price: $12+ and mine was $11?


This is the Gnocchi pasta if you


The Gnocchi wasn’t well cooked, all I tasted was flour. The serving was disappointing. I couldn’t even taste the cheese at all. However, Amelie’s main dish on the other hand, was absolutely perfect. The consistency of the pasta sauce, the way the egg was fried and the pasta was cooked. I would have scored that dish a 9/10.


I would give Wilder Cafe based on Ambiance, food and service a rating of…

2.5/5. That’s all. I was okay with the theme of the cafe and all but you go to a cafe for the food right? If the food isn’t prepared to the best, maybe not a place for me? I wouldn’t recommend it but you can try if you want 🙂


749 North Bridge Rd,

Singapore – 198717


+65 6635 1136

Opening hours:

Tuesdays to Sundays: 12.30pm to 10pm

Mondays: Closed

That’s all.

Muna xoxo

Epikebabs review

Hola, Soy Muna!

Hoy me voy a el blog en español! (Today, I’m gonna blog in Spanish)

No, I did not watch Dora again to get that 😡 I got that from my ‘goldfish’ memory 😉  It is the little I know, the second line is from Google Translate. Well, Today it is about this kebab place Amelie and I went to called Epikebabs at Bugis. Epikebabs is a halal certified eating spot with meals based on kebab meat. The outlet wasn’t too big but it was clean and everything.

I ordered a chicken kebab salad while Amelie had the chicken kebab. I didn’t order beef just cos I didn’t feel like it. The service was also quite fast but probably cos there weren’t a lot of people either. The picture below is how my salad looks like and you can see a slight bit of Amelie’s kebab ($6.00).



As you can see, the I had four different sauces. I added the cheese sauce as additional.


This salad cost me $7.00 which is pretty affordable in my opinion because it is a healthy option. Healthy option = more expensive D: It is $7 cos of the cheese I added.

All the kebab style meat was on top so I didn’t know where my salad was D: I wanted to call, “MY SALAD MISSING” for the fun of it but I a bit paiseh (shy). So, then I obviously had to mix right? Or else how else would I even achieve the below?

Okay, not that picture but TADA. I mixed until, I produced the below.


It looks really good, right? 😉 So anyway, did it taste as good as it looks? Muna’s verdict is….

It tasted so good. It is as good as the salads that I make at home so YUP, I totally and absolutely loved it. (Redundancy alert). I asked Amelie to bring me there the first time and now I’m trying to go there a second time to really just eat my salad again.


I would give Epikebabs, based on the quality of food, service and the ambiance of the outlet:

Why only 4 stars? The outlet can be better if the ambiance can be improved a little 🙂 That’s all I have to say about the place, the service was fast and the food’s good. There’s always room for improvement, right? That’s all, you can head down to try it yourself at:

8 Wilkie Road,
#01-17 Wilkie Edge,

Contact number: +65 8575 6393

Operating hours: 11am – 8.30pm

1 Tampines Central 5,
#01-38D Century Square,
Singapore 529509
Contact number: +65 6443 0245
Operating hours: 11am – 9.30pm
Do check out their website too:
Like, comment, follow, and share. Leave Questions if you have any! Goodnight!
Signing off at 2.30am sharp,
Muna xoxo

Flavour Flings Review

Guten Abend! (Good Evening!)

The last week was crazy for me so here’s this post.

This is a super overdue post, so overdue that I am never gonna say when it was… Hahaha. Sadly, if you follow me on Instagram, you can see how many weeks it has been…. I even remember the date I went there but I’m not gonna sayyyy…. -lalalalalas-

It might shock you and I’m not lying…

Like I always say… who knew I would be back here?

Not you, not me. So well, back to my visit to Flavour Flings Cafe. It was kind of an impromptu/ spontaneous visit with a friend. Said friend’s name would not be mentioned due to personal reasons. Anyway, so we were supposed to go to I think Butter studio? But I found out there were no truffle fries.We then saw the menu online for Flavour Flings (I won’t attach it here because I don’t have a picture :x)

Anyways, the menu said they had truffle fries, I confirm very happy one lor. Sadly, when we got there, they told us they no longer made truffle fries. 我很伤心, meaning I xiao sad lor cos I very long never eat truffle fries. That was strike 1. Then, my mood was a bit lifted by the fact that they had this promotion for pancakes and a drink and so I ordered this:


My I-scream Pancakes with ‘Hockey Pockey’ Ice-cream and Cafe Latte !

I paid about $12 to 13 for this, this is like eating at Pizza Hut! Not too costly. This is definitely ages ago considering I stopped drinking Latte for awhile now, I haven’t had one in six months. -I need to stop feeling bad about how long ago it was-

My pancake was nice unlike my friend’s, it shows inconsistency… Too much chocolate. The ice cream was very nice, if I want to go back, I will go back for the ice cream! Then the Cafe Latte was still too sweet to my liking. I was not happy with my latte art but that’s a whole other thing. We also ordered fries – which is the beef chilli cheese fries.


Look at dat cheeze.

 This costs $9.90. To me, it was a little too cheesy, no not you guys, I mean the fries.

I did not know the chili also had cheese, so I found the the whole thing too cheesy. But I still ate most of it cos I love cheese. Like my father is out at Tekka right now, getting me cheese naan while I’m preparing this blog post on a Sunday before I’m busy again. Oops.

Anyway, back to the fries, the fries were too cheesy, so not to my liking. I wouldn’t order it again if I ever go there. Never ever ever ever ever.

Well, Miss Swift has spoken, I wouldn’t order this ever in the future.

Overall, I would give it…

The only thing that felt right about the place was their decor and the ambiance of the place. The food wasn’t quite what I was expecting so I wouldn’t recommend this place. But if you live near Hougang, you can check it out and see if our opinions match. Furthermore, who knows, maybe it was so long ago that they might have improved. 🙂


Blk 121 Hougang Avenue 1,


Singapore – 530121


+65 6286 0051

Opening hours:

Saturday and Sunday: 9AM–4PM, 5:30–9PM

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday : 11AM–4PM, 5:30–9PM

Tuesday: Closed

Byeeeee, This is all I have got for you guys! Like, comment, share and follow. You can also leave your questions for me at the ‘Question for me?’ tab from now on because I deactivated my

Side note:

I’m going through some stuff so I may not find the time to post again this week, sorry in advance. People have asked me what is wrong and stuff, I just need my space. I haven’t even talked about it with my besties too, probably not going to. None of my besties know, not Tia, not Amelie or anyone. I can’t even bring myself to talk about it.

I have only talked to one person, A,  about it because I didn’t want to bottle it up and I’m going to keep it that way. If you are reading this and you probably are cos I know you check my blog,oops, thank you for listening to all my tired/sad rants and making me feel a little better, though you are like busy. Thank you for being that emotional support, A. 🙂

Until next time,

Muna xoxo