Butter Studio


It’s been a short while since I went here but I think it is never too late to share my thoughts…

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I am pretty sure I went there in March but oops, it is June now. Uni can take the blame for this. More importantly, here’s what I think of Butter Studio!!!

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The food you don’t want to miss out this Ramadan! (Bazaar 2018)


This year, we tried the Hipster food that everyone has been complaining about! Wait, people who want the traditional food back, I heard your cries, it is also included.

However, I am only going to be sharing what’s good! I will also be including two of my friends opinions on it as well, Am and H. I mean why waste your time and money on something that is not worth it.

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SinSeh: The Grocery


Today I’ll be featuring a cafe that is close to my heart as I really love some of the items on the menu. Let me get straight into it… The cafe is none other than SinSeh: The Grocery. This cafe is affiliated with The Lab SG which I have featured about a year ago! I have been here a couple of times but today I decided that I should feature this. It is one of my favourite dessert places but I promise not to be biased. This time, I was there with my friend, R.

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Maras @ One KM


Okay, so I haven’t done a Cafe review in ages, try maybe 3 months…

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-Whistles Innocently-

Today, I will be reviewing a cafe I visited last month which is known as Maras Cafe. Maras Cafe is something like Gelare but only better and cheaper. I have tried Gelare before but I wasn’t really happy with it. Maras Cafe is relatively new, I think it only opened like last year after 1km mall was built. They do not only have deserts but they do have sides and main courses too. My friend who didn’t want to be mentioned, let’s call her H.

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