All about weight loss – right way


I know what you all are gonna say. YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON TO BE TALKING ABOUT THIS .-.

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Hey! But I recovered from my eating issues so enough said. I'm so glad I did, in fact, what inspired me to write this piece is my friend, C. Thank you for telling me that you are proud of me for overcoming my issues with eating and starving myself.

Let's get on with it, shall we?

In these two years, on my road to recovery, I have learnt a couple of things that really helped me lose that extra pound that I just don't want sometimes, just to fit into a dress or sometimes, my new jeans.

Before all that, I want to emphasize that weight loss is attributed to: 70% diet and 30% workout.


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#1 Drink two glasses of water before each meal

This preps your stomach that you are going to eat in a way. When you do this, you tend to not overeat and you will feel fuller after your meal.

#2 Water-loading

This is my personal favourite and I have seen the benefits of it. Water-loading is basically drinking a lot of water at one go, any amount but when you use the rest room, you are shedding some weight.

I drink 3.2 Litres every single day. There isn't a day where I'm carrying my bottle to drink loads of water because water is better than all those soft drinks out there.

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#3 Avoid soft drinks; drink green tea or black coffee instead

Wait a moment. You are telling me to drop soft drinks completely? No, I am not. I'm saying you can have it once in awhile. In fact, I still do have it sometimes but I have cut it down by a lot.

I used to drink Pepsi, fruit juice and all those drinks high in sugar content. Our body only needs 25 grams of sugar per day if you are a woman but for men, it is 37.5 grams per day. And you should take a guess of how much sugar a can of coke contains…

11 grams, that is almost half of what should be consumed daily. If you over consume sugar, it will be converted to glycogen which will be stored in the liver as fats.

Why Green Tea or black coffee? Well, they have caffeine which accelerates your metabolism and anything with caffeine increases your urine flow so back to #2

#4 Apple Cider Vinegar

This is my favourite kitchen ingredient at the moment. I take two table spoons of it every morning to increase my metabolism rate for the whole day so that I wouldn't have to control what I wanna eat essentially.

#5 Eat smaller portions; more meals

Smaller portions keep you in check as you are eating lesser but it will help you see if you are still hungry after that meal. I have five meals a day but my meals are in smaller portions. I take less rice because my mum doesn't use brown rice. I also take less meat if it is mutton or beef or crab. I take loads of vegetable for fibre.

But… I would be hungry soon and usually, I go with a fruit. Sometimes, I have so many meals that my dinner ends up being a fruit and that is okay.

#6 Have Cheat days

WHAT? Yes, sometimes you need them, essentially if you are watching what you eat like I know I am going to have a cheat day today because I am thinking of a heavy dinner right now.

This is a reward for working hard on your weight loss journey and you need it. But, do not exceed having more than 50% of what you usually have. That's just gonna defeat the purpose.

#7 Switch to healthier options

White rice to brown rice. Milk chocolate to Dark chocolate. Soft drinks to water. The list goes and I'll spare you of the shock of how much you can change your diet.

#8 Exercise

This is a no brainer, you need to keep moving if you wanna burn those unwanted calories. Why do you wanna keep them inside of you??? Get moving and you'll see the difference.

That's all I have about this.

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great week! 😉

See ya next time,

Muna 🙂



The Versatile Blogger Award

First of all, I would like to thank The Shining Gem for nominating me for this beautiful award. This is actually my first nomination and here’s my reaction:


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I cannot say how much it means to me :’)


The Versatile Blogger Award features bloggers who love what they do and show their passion virtually.  As the web page about the Versatile Blogger Award says: Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether everyday or only now and then.

Rules for the nominations:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award and inform them.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Put the logo of Versatile Blogger in your post and display the rules also.

Seven facts about myself

  1. I love Dark Chocolate.
  2. Can’t live without coffee.
  3. LOVE FOOD, need to establish that.
  4. An introspective Extrovert.
  5. Donuts are my bae.
  6. I love the Harry Potter series, read it 3 times so far.
  7. I’m a make up junkie, lipstick hoarder

Now, down to business!

I Nominate 

  2. Yoly, Real Stories
  3. Mozalfa Ilyas Photography
  4. The Diary Of A Muslim Girl
  5. Mohamad Al Karbi
  6. Neal’s Epiphany
  7. RisFit
  8. As a Girl thinketh….
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  13. Hidden Positives
  14. The Newest Writer
  15. D.I.Y-ing Machine

Please do leave the link to your post on the comment section if you decide to make a post of this! I can’t wait to read them if you are gonna make a post!

With that…

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great weekend ahead!

See ya next time,



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Let’s talk about… Double Standards


I swear this is not a click bait. I wasn’t exactly sure how to word the title but I think this should do?

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Well, you have to accept it and get ready for another opinion based post because I have strong opinions.

Double Standards

Can we just talk about how society perceives certain standards to be acceptable to a group of people but it is not acceptable to a different group?

Let me just give you a personal example:

When I was ‘plum’ as I would put it, one of my relatives told me this:

“Hey, you know guys like slim girls right? If you continue being fat, no one’s going to want to marry you.”

When I got into working out, two of my friends told me this:

“So, you work out a lot now right? You know guys don’t like girls who are muscular right?”

For the record, I no longer associate myself with the two friends above nor do I give two shits about what they say.


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For getting rid of toxic people, as for the relative, can’t do much.

Does it really matter if I’m fat or muscular as a woman? Why is feminity associated with being slim and why can’t we be muscular as well?

At the same time, if a guy is super skinny, he is considered to be a ‘wuss’ or a weak person. But why is it alright for a woman to be skinny? So why do the different genders have different body standards? Why can’t we be the same? Or why is the other standard not accepted?

Yes, I get that the male species, in general, are the ones who are supposedly physically stronger. And you know what? I totally agree.

What if it is a woman’s soul trapped in a man’s body and he doesn’t want to be muscular?  Or simply because he doesn’t want to work out?

It is sad that in today’s society that a lot of issues are associated with a certain standard for certain group of people.


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The ‘Like’ Button is WAITING right for you to click it.


Like how grades are associated with intelligence where if you score a better grade, you are smarter but to me, it’s all about discipline.

Like the perception of how a good leader is usually a man. *cough cough* Totally hinting at America’s election last year.

Like how prisoners are not allowed to vote? Aren’t they members of the society too? Are you saying that they don’t have voting rights? Why?

Like how women are considered selfish if they don’t want to have children but for a man, it is alright? Hello, it’s the 21st Century?

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Like how women are expected to know how to cook, why can’t men cook for a change?

Like how men can’t be more emotional than women? No, I think we are all entitled to cry sometimes.

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With that, I just want to say be you, hell with society’s standards. Do what you love and if anyone says anything about it, tell them:

“It’s my life, not yours and I don’t wanna hear it.”

In fact, I have started saying it and people have started shutting up so embrace yourself and who cares what the society thinks. Remember, you are part of the society.

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great week ahead!

See ya next time,

Muna c:


McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Set meal review


I’m here to announce that I am in a committed relationship with Food, who needs a man, right? Mel practically laughed for two minutes straight when I told her this over Skype and then she said, “Yeah, Food never cheats on you, Muna.”

DAMN RIGHT, it doesn’t. Best boyfriend award goes to Food! It’s my comfort in this cruel world.

Speaking of foooood, I live in a place where I can find all kinds of cuisines, nothing is unavailable, I can say that without a doubt. What country do I live in?


Yes, that tiny country on the map which also happens to be turning 52 years old. Ah yes, National Day and in the land with different cuisines, McDonald’s is kind of a staple fast food at times when you need it fast… Okay, I think you need McDonald’s anywhere.


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McDonalds’ came up with all these new food items on their menu just for National Day!


Image may contain: food and text

The promotional poster from McDonald’s Singapore!



I just had to try!

Let’s go in the order of what I ate!

#1 Chendol McFlurry


Thanks Y for the picture! 🙂

The best I could get of McFlurry. I tasted the following elements, the vanilla ice cream, the green jelly, gula melaka (Brown sugar) and some coconut shavings. So Y and I shared the calories and Y loved it so much though she blamed me for dragging her into trying…

Leadership level: Influential leader.


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He’s so handsume :’)


And Y, you love me for making you live life dangerously… like eating ice cream when coming down with the flu but I really hope you are fine. PLEASE BE FINE.

My verdict:

I loved the elements, I felt nothing was lacking at all except maybe the presentation? McDonald’s, the ice cream looks so good on the promotional poster… Why would you put that cover? 😦



Would I eat it again?

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#2 Nasi Lemak Burger


These are the best pictures of the burger, the lighting was pretty bad I don’t know why. It basically consists of the bun with semolina, a patty made of chicken thigh (MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE CHICKEN) which is supposed to be coconut-y, sweet and spicy sambal sauce, topped with fried egg and cucumber slices.

Before I go into my verdict, for the benefit of my overseas followers, let me introduce Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak is basically a local dish. It consists of coconut rice, fried egg, sambal chili, ikan bilis with peanuts, fried chicken wing and/or fried fish.

My Verdict:

I hate Nasi Lemak in general because I have super high standards for it as my mum makes the best coconut rice in the world. I basically did not like the burger. To me, it was a disappointment! I had no expectations actually but the sambal was actually better than most of the sambals I have had. I loved the egg, it was well done and the cucumber slices added a little to the Nasi Lemak feels

However, there’s no rice to this. What makes Nasi Lemak is the coconut rice but in this burger, I tasted no coconut in that and was like how is this Nasi Lemak. ALSO, where is my Ikan Bilis and PEANUTS ?!

Image result for where is it gif


3/5 (only for the chili and egg)

Would I eat it again?

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#3 Bandung McFizz


It’s basically soda with Bandung which is made with rose syrup and milk. Simply put.

My Verdict:

The Bandung was of moderate sweetness and I thoroughly enjoyed it and with each sip, I felt the kick of a soda at the back of my throat. Though the drink was simple, I actually liked it a lot.



Would I drink it again?

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#4 Criss Cut Fries


I felt nothing can go wrong with this. IT IS FRIES, it is crispier when it is hot, that is about it. The sprinkles of pepper I think, really good.

My Verdict:

I sneakily tried it hot while waiting for my bus and when I got home, it was a little soggy, still good. It will always be a bomb with curry sauce and garlic chili sauce.


4.5/5 (I’m feeling generous tonight)

Would I eat it again?

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#5 Coconut Pie


It is made of crusty pastry and coconut filling with coconut bits.

My verdict:

AMAZING. Everything was spot on, loved the flaky pastry and the coconut filling, OMG, I exploded into pure bliss. I am so glad that I saved the best for the last. The coconut bits were a treat for me. Damn, I wanna eat it again as I type this.


Image result for ratatouille critic gif

This was me



5/5 (Have I ever even…)

Would I eat it again?


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Hell yessss


The total cost of all the items here: $13.50

If you are a Singaporean or travelling to Singapore, THIS IS WORTH THE TRY. It’s pretty cheap for like so many items.

With that, I would like to end my post…

Many seek good nights and lose good days so go out there and have a great week! 😉

See ya next time,

Muna 🙂





5 Hacks that EVERY girl should know about periods!


I know I disappeared for 10 days but there aren’t many interesting things going on in my life.


Since I blogged about acne and the stuff I do to help it, I thought I should do a blog post on periods. Life is a struggle with periods and every time it arrives, I’m 95% sure everyone dreads it if you don’t then you are probably a period

Life is a struggle with periods and every time it arrives, I’m 95% sure everyone dreads it if you don’t then you are probably a period lover and….As a feminist, I respect your decision.

So back to periods, I remember the first time I got my period, I was so clueless that I didn’t even know what to do. I called my dad who was like, “Call your mum.”

True story

Eventually, I figured out what to do, did the wrong stuff, suffered a lot of cramps and learnt hacks to overcome that disastrous week once a month.

Periods are just gross to me. So…

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I need to internalise my thoughts on that.

“Ew Muna, why would you do this?”

Well, I’m a feminist who believes that I as a female can do this to help women all around the world! And if you are a fellow feminist, you wouldn’t judge me!

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Let me get straight into the hacks!

#1 Track your period

This is something really really important to me. And here’s why you should track your period! Regular or irregular periods, you should track your period, in case you are planning your trip and you don’t want to be on your period… and most of the time, tracker apps are pretty accurate.

Well, you have this to tell you about a month in advance when you are likely to get your next period. Doesn’t that help with planning your life out? Personally, I use the Clue app and it has been so accurate that I can’t find a fault with it.

I have been using it since last October and…

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It has been so accurate and I’m thankful for it!

Don’t give me the crap that your period is irregular, the more data you input into this thing, the more accurate it gets.


Clue App looks something like this!


Also, you can share your cycle with people, like your partner so that they don’t think you are always PMS-ing!

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#2 Tampons

If you are still using pads, time to try tampons, they are like the best thing ever. You wouldn’t have to be constantly worried if you stained yourself with this hack!

So, basically put on a tampon and line your underwear with a pantyliner and you are good to go for at least 4 hours without a worry!

Image result for phew gif

#3 Double protection or the extension

If you are not ready to leave the pad game, this one’s for you!

For Double protection:

Well, you can use two pads instead of one for extra protection. But this hack can get a little messy at times, it has for me at least like 20 times.

So I wouldn’t recommend it, but it does come in handy sometimes.

For the extension:

Wear the pad normally but have an extension behind using the panty liner.

#4 Prepare a period pouch

There was a period of time when I was working, every female in my office knew my period pouch and I’m not even remotely embarrassed that I have one.

In your period pouch, you should always consider having the following items:

  1. 2-night flow pads
  2. 1-regular flow pads
  3. 3 tampons if you are not the one for pads
  4. 2 pantyliners
  5. 2 disposable panties (1 is too risky, I have tried)
  6. 1 plastic bag (for emergencies)
  7. 2 tiny packs of feminine wipes

The list may seem a lot but trust it has helped me go through many years of period without much discomfort

#5 Eat, Drink, Exercise and sleep more


  • Soulful food, warm and filled with energy
  • Dark chocolate, it will refill the magnesium you have lost in your body during your period
  • More fruits like papaya, apples and oranges
  • Eat less heaty food like mangoes and dates


  • More milk, your body needs that Calcium
  • Less Coffee
  • More water

For exercise, try Vinyasa Flow Yoga to help with the PMS and the cramps, I do it all the time. Here’s a 40 minutes sequence that I follow, Adriene’s amazing!

Also, just hit that snooze button because your body needs to energise more and what better way to do that than to sleep!

That’s all, folks! Til next time,

Muna 🙂


Pretty Little Liars Ending? OMG!


Well, it is the end of an era for me as Pretty Little Liars comes to an end after seven years. I spent what I think is five years on watching this show. I just have to say…

Image result for woah gif

We have found out who A.D. was in the last episode.

SPOILER ALERT if you have not watched until 7×20

Here goes…

I’m gonna be very frank about the episode. Marlene King did not do justice to my favourite show, nowhere near what I expected. I was awfully disappointed because I woke up at 8 am GMT +8 just to watch the show.

A.D. was Alex Drake, Spencer Hastings’ twin sister.

I was not satisfied with the ending somehow although I guessed it:

A.D. suspects

Here’s why. I was majorly upset with how Marlene basically toyed with my feelings. She told the PLL army that she wasn’t going go down the twin reveal route… She said the same thing about Charles was not going to be transgender… She is always freaking lying all the time and that just ruined it for me. I even went to rewatch all the seasons before this to figure stuff out.

Image result for why you always lying gif


A.D. turned out to be someone we just met in the last episode, wow, oh wow. One word:


I would have been happier if it was one of the girls actually, with multiple personality disorder or some sort of twisted reason. But no… Introduce a new character and mess my brain up…

Image result for wonderful sarcastic gif

However, I loved the reflection reveal… I initially actually thought it could be a mirror, I don’t know the show has me messed me in so many ways….

Image result for spencer alex reveal gif

Well… All I can say is that A.D.’s backstory did not suck as much Cece Drake’s Charles story. I was like what the heck is this… Why would Sarah Harvey even help Cece torture girls that she didn’t even know? It made no freaking sense. And how was the lady in the black PLL Endgame?

NOPE, I did not see her in the season 7 finale.

I felt that everything fit in really well. I liked how Alex Drake was brought up in a wealthy family England but left home at a young age, this could change a person a lot, emotionally…

In other words… She is

I got her motive really clear, I guess she suspected one of the girls did it which is why she immediately took Hanna when she confessed. Then that scene in the barn/warehouse was so off. I remember the Spencer in the barn/ warehouse mentioned A.D. which Hanna did not know about A.D. which had me thinking about Twincer but I did not want it to be another twin reveal…

Image result for again gif

But the writers apparently heard this instead…

I did not get why she really returned a year later? I thought you loved Wren and your life back in England with the bartending gig? I mean you had a man who loved you so much? You were envious of Spencer’s friends?


Can we also talk about how she shot Spencer to take her place? It did not work out obviously…

But omg, after she found out who killed Charlotte, she left and why didn’t she stay gone? I don’t buy her reason fortrying to become Spencer, I just don’t.

Can we also talk about plot holes that Marlene never fixed? >.>

Here’s an open letter to her:

Dear Marlene,

You are absolutely the worst, you strung me along for 5 years. 5 years is a long time and I refuse to be apart of this anymore. You never fixed the plot hole of Charles being super young when Marion was killed. And all along you said there wouldn’t be a transgender reveal or the book route.

However, at least this reveal made more freaking sense compared to Cece’s bullshit reveal.

This is the end, I am breaking up with you.


Image result for mean girls gif

No more of your shows for me.

Yours truly,


That’s all folks and this post is a wrap for the month of June, I have been horribly busy cos birth month :’)



Let’s discuss… Stereotypes in Singapore


I felt that this is super important to talk about considering how people think that it does not exist.

News Flash… IT DOES.

And you know what is so sad about it? People do not even know that it exists. It exists in every little joke you make about someone being too ‘Indian’, too ‘Malay’,

Yes, you probably said something like that yourself or heard it as a joke before.

Why do I choose to address it now? Well, I wanted to highlight Shrey Bhargava’s post:

The first time I read about the post, I was like, “Hmm interesting.” In fact, I thought nothing was wrong with doing a full blown accent to impress the audience and make them laugh a little. I mean he is an actor after all, isn’t that his job?

I brushed it off and failed to see the bigger picture…

However, I read the comments and thought, hmmm, why are people so offended cos it was his opinion and experience in the audition so why be such a butthurt? Maybe, it wasn’t the best post but you have no right to say he shouldn’t be hurt.

I even saw comments telling him to go back to India? Hello, it is his country as much as yours? How would you feel I told you to go back to wherever you/ your ancestors came from?


All those people who actually said mean things to him or made fun of him, shame on you. What is terrible isn’t his post, it was people’s response, I felt hurt as an Indian who doesn’t have a full-blown Indian accent.

To make matters worse, the blogger that I actually had respect for, XiaXue or also known Wendy Cheng Yan Yan, just took things into her hands and decided to post a reaction to it.

Her opinion is invalid as much as people telling me that I look prettier without makeup.

Image result for I know right gif

You know what’s pathetic about her post? She never understood the issue. The issue wasn’t Jack Neo being racist. It was about stereotypes that other Singaporeans have of OTHER Singaporean Indians. Also, Wendy, you said so yourself that “HURT IS SUBJECTIVE” and why aren’t you standing by what you said? Hmm?

This is the point where I realised I no longer liked Xiaxue as much anymore. I dislike people who can’t stay true to what they say.

Shrey may not have done the best job in his post but I can relate to him.

He was talking about the Stereotype of an Indian…

This is something I can relate to on a personal level. It was like saying every Indian had a full-blown Indian accent, a stereotype as I would put it. People have asked me how come I don’t have an Indian accent. I just don’t, I am a Singaporean Indian, not from India lol.

Why is that accent used as a marketing or rather a comical element in the movie? Why is the Indian accent so funny to people?

Do you laugh at British accent or the American accent? Why is the Indian accent a funny element in a movie?

The incorporation of the full-blown Indian accent into a film that Singaporeans watch would give them the impression that maybe all Indians speak that way and that’s not cool. In this age, media is so influential and people tend to believe whatever they see on the internet and yes, the reflection of reality might be more appropriate.

Okay, maybe one thing uncalled for was the Chinese country part. I don’t even get the point of it.

As for XiaXue…

I have admired you since 2014 or so. You really made it big and love your “Guide to Life” series. I really still do… You made a post out of the one sentence that Shrey may have meant wrong. I just did not like your reply to it at all. Also, he never said it was racist as far as I can recall. Get your facts right.

Yes, he is an actor but he has a choice as to how to portray his character and I feel that every actor should be given that opportunity to choose how they portray the character.

I’m so done with you, Xiaxue, I think I have been since the K-pop ordeal.

Please learn to understand and internalise everything before you speak your mind.

Image result for you have a problem gif sadie

So I’mma stop right here.

If you belong to the majority of Singapore and was butthurt by his post, you were probably offended and it’s cos you are guilty of it. Guilty of trying to imitate the accent and laughing it off.

Don’t you dare lie to me that that you did not. Cos even I did it before and I’m Indian and I was clearly immature, mind you.

Moral of the story: Express your feelings but don’t bring other races in, I think that’s why everyone was annoyed.

Alright, peace out!


The five things you must try at the Geylang Serai Bazaar (2017)


This year I am only going to be sharing what’s good and also be including two of my friends opinions on it as well, Am and H. I mean why waste your time and money on something that is not worth it.

This year, I went there after my Iftar at 1 km Mall. After which, we headed to the bazaar. The bazaar was bustling and packed with people as usual but this time, it was different as I had to be on the look out for the halal stores.

Image result for rolls eyes gif

My expression in a GIF about it

Shouldn’t almost all of the stores be halal? It is called the Ramadan Bazaar for a reason right? Last year I did not even have a problem when I was buying stuff. This year, I got a HUGE list of stores that weren’t halal and that majorly pissed me off.

Back to the task at hand. I am gonna list out the five food that is worth your time and money according to my preference! Here we go!

#1 S’mores (Tiny pancakes with Marshmallows topped with cookie crumble and chocolate syrup)



H & I loved it because the pancakes were small and light to have it in many quantities? I could feel the texture of the food was soft and also I felt that a lot of effort was put into batter of the

Am, on the other hand, did not like it cos it was only 10 pancakes and there’s nothing amazing.


$6 for 10 pancakes (There are 3 other flavours and if I tried them all I would be on my way to being overweight okay.)

Where to find it:

Engku Aman road, there are a couple of the same store

Would I buy it again:

Image result for nod gif

#2 Broti’s Green Milk Tea



H & Am liked it almost instantly though it was pretty dilute meanwhile I was like what the heck is this.

Mind you guys, I have high expectations when it comes anything related to Green tea. Green Tea is bae after Fried Chicken and Donuts.

I decided to give a second try and I actually liked it cos the taste was a little more dilute and wasn’t in my face. I liked because the milk wasn’t too overpowering for my taste buds.


$4 for a huge cup of it

Where to find it:

Engku Aman road and Onan road

Would I buy it again:


Image result for yes gif

My opinion is biased but you can get the others and walk around, lugging this huge cup of drink


#3 Thai Mango soft serve Ice cream



We all liked it for once at a go. However, the soft serve was too sweet to our liking and with all the marshmallows, I was sure that it was too sweet to eat again. Also, the portion is too small?

Another upside about this was that there was no queue (HAPPY MUNA).


$5/ cup

Where to find it:

Onan Road

Would I buy it again:

Image result for no gif

#4 JackFruit and Durian Bomb



It was just batter and Jackfruit and Durian filling but it is so darn good as the batter wasn’t too much. It was just about the right amount and the filling was kinda sweet

(on my way to diabetes D:)


$6 for 5 balls

Where to find it:

Onan Road

Would I buy it again:


Image result for nope gif

Too sweet for our liking


#5 Fried Oreos with Icing sugar



Nope just nope, initially it was nice as I was tasting it for the first time as well. I am aware that it has been around for about a year but I still haven’t tried. It was easy to bite into but it was too sweet after awhile but I loved it.


$3 for 5

Where to find it:

Engu Aman Road

Would I buy it again:


Image result for yes gif

Here’s a dose of Joey, just cos…


After 5 days of procrastination and being preoccupied with other things, I finally managed to produce this :’)

Alright, how do I sign off….

Oh right,

That’s all people! Stay tuned for more posts this week?

Muna 🙂


Chicken Chop could have been the death of me…


I have had this stashed in my drafts for about two months and last month, I decided I won’t do a post on this but still left it in my drafts. I have so many drafts that I am like what I am doing.

Image result for what even gif

Anyways, I did a lot of thinking and decided to do this post on that chicken chop that resulted in my food poisoning. I was gonna leave the restaurant’s name that I had it but I felt like it didn’t matter. I am not going to ruin their business so nope.

I was there on 6 March 2017 with a group of friends. I ordered chicken chop because I hadn’t had anything all day. I had to wait but I thought it was alright. I took pictures of the food and everything and started eating. I took a bite of a certain part of it and it felt odd like it was already spoiled.

I carried on eating and I was full. I couldn’t even drink water. When I got home, I was having the worst stomachache. I just lied on the floor because the pain was unbearable when I got up from my chair.

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Then when I could finally get up and I went out of my room, heading straight for the restroom. Guess what happened. SPLAT.Even before I got there, I just vomited all of the chicken

Even before I got there, I just vomited all of the chicken chop on the floor. That was really sucky and the same day, I vomited everything else that I had subsequently so I contacted the restaurant cos I was sure it was the food that was spoiled or contaminated.

Here goes…



I remember being annoyed at how I had to ask for a follow-up


Then this…



This is equivalent to calling me a liar but at the same time, admitting their mistakes? O.o

This is just part of the conversation but yup, I found myself blaming the restaurant the whole time. In my hindsight, I missed out that I could have played a part in my own food poisoning. Maybe the food was a little too oily so I should have had breakfast first and had a smaller meal.

The situation could have been completely avoided but it happened. It happened perhaps to teach me a lesson on gluttony. I ate the huge plate of chicken chop without ever thinking about the space in me for air or water….

Ever since then, I portion my meals better and eat smaller meals at more stipulated times. This reiterated the fact that just because you have a supply to food, you don’t always have to eat them all at one go.

Where is this post even going????

NOWHERE… okay, maybe somewhere

Ramadhan or also known as the month where Muslims fast is arriving in 5 days. Muslims fast as a commandment from God and this is where gluttony can be witnessed at the highest. This would be because they only have two meals, one in the morning and one at night. People tend to eat more than their needs which kind of defeats the purpose of fasting to feel the people who go through famine.

I have seen and have been guilty of gluttony since young during the time where my fast is broken (Iftar) but I now know why I shouldn’t be a glutton and I had learned it the hard way. So, just sharing my experience and hoping to reach people…

So that we all only eat what we need even during Ramadhan… I also hope that someday there’s no such thing as world hunger 😥

Alright, that’s all I have for today and I had no time to proofread so ignore my grammatical errors and lack of expression.



Rewatching PLL S1 + Theories


Yes, you can say it… I’m crazy.


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How fitting is this GIF


I just finished re-watching Pretty Little Liars season 1, well known as PLL. I’m only re-watching cos I have nothing much to do. I really don’t want to start any new series, I am just too lazy for that. I kind of want to find out who Uber A/A.D. is. It is totally driving me insane not knowing. To make matters worse, Marlene I. King is like the worst executive producer, I AM NOT GETTING ANY ANSWERS SO FAR.

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Yes, that’s me in frustration of not knowing the new big bad. I felt like Marlene was lying to the whole PLL fandom the whole time. I think there was only one master A like the other A reveals doesn’t make any sense to me anymore. The reveals so far could have been pawns.

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t caught up to 7×13!

Thoughts on season 1:

I can see that it is very simple and it kept me on my toes as I look for clues. I definitely got big clues from the first season despite Marlene saying the thing only starts in episode 6×11. I don’t believe that woman. Sorry, not sorry Marlene. I thought the first season was very sweet and it left me questioning. I must say that this is one of my favourite seasons as I don’t like the seasons after 4?

Let’s start with Mona:

I don’t believe she was A just because she was bullied by Alison, just doesn’t make sense.  Okay, let’s say she did and then losing Hanna was her reason to start again but nope, makes no sense as the A texts started before Hanna drifted from her. I am like 75% sure of it.

Furthermore, there would be this episode where Mona says, “I did everything you asked me to.” I also do not believe she was actually crazy in season 3? I felt like she was pretending the whole time? Even though she was seeing Anne Sullivan and all. I was not convinced.

Mona could have been the original A’s henchmen

Next Charlotte:

The reveal made no sense to me. She said Marion was pushed by Bethany off the building when she was a child??? But she was in the flashback where Toby and Alison were teenagers? Here’s the proof and thank you, immonkeyyo:

Furthermore, if she was a child when Marion was pushed off, wouldn’t Darren Wilden be 12 as well? How could he have been a cop who was in charge of the case when he was just a 12 year old? Makes no sense. Maybe she buried ‘her mum’, that is something I can believe.

Image result for what gif

The reveal just never made sense to me. I couldn’t accept it, never will.  I just had to pen this down

This is the important part, my Uber A suspects:

#1 Mr Ezra Fitzgerald

He has been shady since the first season like omg, there was a point where Ezria could have broken up but it was convenient how there were three test answers found in Noel Kahn’s locker after he taunted Ezra the day before. Wow right?

And… Nothing bad ever happens to Aria from the start, A never sabotaged their relationship (Ezria). Meanwhile, Haleb, Paily and Spoby was constantly on the rocks. Also, who owns a limo? Ezra. Where did I see it? it was in the first season, omg. Then it reappears in the season 6B onwards. Isn’t this shady? Maybe it could be a different limo but they look the same to me?

Image result for limousine in pll season 1

Then all the literature references in the A texts. Who loves literature? Ezra. Also did I mention about the lair that Ezra had for writing a book? Omg, who has three computer screens to write a book. What even. He is so lying.

He also appears at the odd timings of the show like in 4×13, he appeared at the end just to hand the phone to Aria? That’s sketchy.

#2 Lucas Gottesman

The new successful app developer? Smells like Uber A business to me. I don’t think that Ezra, the old man could have pulled off such an elaborate