Silkygirl Lash Prism Mascara Review


This is gonna be a really short post because I am concurrently doing so many things and also typing super fast like a maniac D: It’s nice to see questions coming in so I’m gonna answer one of it in this post. So the question is….

Here’s some suspense, only posting this cos no PLL to watch today >.>

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Jericho Brand Review


Muna here. I know that sounds overly repeated and I will stop saying that after this post, I promise 😉  This is another beauty product review. Before I introduce the product, let me just say:

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Bio Oil product review


I am back from my 2-3 week hiatus 😶 I am still alive and back with another product review, hehehe.

Today’s product is Bio oil. This would be short and sweet. Here’s a picture of the product:

The bottle looks cute in my opinion 🙂

Okay so I am not using this for stretch marks (I am not pregnant, captain obvious) but yup, I am using this for my acne scars. I have been using differin for like 2 years but my scars have yet to improve and that kind of turns me off.

I used this like on alternate days (days where I work out) I have seen significant improvement 😊 My scars are lighter. I would use right before I work out and wash it off with a shower right after.

I wish I could have taken a picture to show the difference. It is just I never thought it would help.


If you have acne scars, time for you to try out Bio Oil!!! It is inexpensive and I would say quite effective ☺️

That’s all for today,

Muna xoxo


Dermal Masks Product Review


Muna here with a product review. Today’s product is dermal masks, here’s a picture:

Well, I ordered my set of masks from my friend, Hua Yi. I bought ten packets and here are what I bought:


2x Green Tea, 2x strawberry, 2x Aloe, 2x cucumber and 2x Charcoal

It came in the packaging above with a cute little message and an extra complimentary mask. I have tried the strawberry, Aloe, Cucumber and charcoal. In fact, I am trying a mask while typing this. The masks are really comfortable and easy to put on. It is really cooling on a hot day and it just calms my nerves after a long day at work. It is really worth the try.

One thing I don’t really like is that it is a single piece, I am so used to those masks that come in cream form. I don’t know, it is just my matter on preference.

What are you waiting for!

My friend is having a sale for these masks!

Selling Dermal mask!💫
Price: $1.00 each
(usual price: $1.50 each)
Buy 10 get 1 free Dermal mask*! 12 different types of masks to choose from! 🌻
▪Aloe .
▪Pearl .
▪Royal jelly .
▪Acai berry.
▪White .
▪Green tea
Brightens up your skin and leaving it feeling extra soft, healthy and moisturized.☺ Meet up at any mrt stations at your convenience! 👍
Please PM this number if you are interested or if you have any queries- 92286433 Thank you! ☺️ .
While stocks last!
*All free Dermal masks will be randomly picked by us. A mini surprise flavour for you😉”

You can also find their instagram and carousell through this username: @thesparklingmask

Thanks for reading and get yourselves some masks yo!

Til next time,

Muna xoxo

Skinny Mint 28 days Teatox review

I haven’t blogged in say a week? Well, I am back with a product review. *Gasp*

Since when did Muna do product reviews? 😱

Since Today 😉

This week’s product is Skinny Mint 28 days teatox. I am sure many ladies have come accross this product and are not sure if the product is legit or not.

Drum rolls please…

Let me tell you the truth first, I thought I would never lost any weight but I lost 3kg of my holiday weight gain. I weigh 52 now 🙃

So it is legit guys!!!

The thing is I am not even done with the 28 days entirely and yet, I can feel the results in my abs.

A round of applause to me 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Let’s talk about the product itself 👍🏻

Basically it has two packs, one in the morning and the other at night. The morning pack aka morning boost has green tea (yeah, my favourite) ,mate leaf, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf and guarana seed . It suppressed my appetite and really gave me that boost I needed to travel to Tuas 😁

The night pack aka night cleanse has the senna leaf, peppermint leaf ginger root orange leaf, lemon grass, liquorice root Hawthorn berry and psyllium seed. It really helped with my indigestion and constipation problems. It also improved my sleep patterns so I could sleep right after I drank it😌 I love the smell a lotttt 😍

The package is SGD 69.90 which is pretty pricey in my opinion but it really shows results so why not.


My nearly empty packs of skinny mint 😦

One thing that turned me off was the packaging, I wish each tea bag would be packaged individually so that it is more convenient to carry around.
I had to carry the entire morning boost packet to work so as to seal the freshness with the packet 😟

Otherwise, I have no complaints with the products and nope, not posting a pic of my abs 😂

If you would like to purchase, do visit:

It is definitely worth the try! ☺️

Til next time,

Muna 😉