Innisfree real squeeze mask product review

Hi, Muna back with another product review!!!

Here’s a question:

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. My jiejie got me this mask on her Grad trip to Korea. I tried the mask yesterday and here’s how it looks like.


I like the packaging manssss

The mask was like really cooling and thin. It hung really well around my face but the shape of the mask is a nono.

The forehead so broad then the serum got on my hair 🙄 Luckily, I hadn’t had my shower then so it is cool yo.

Comparing dermal masks and innisfree, I would pick innisfree as it stuck on my face which is like really refreshing to me. However, it is SGD 0.50 more expensive, so imagine if I bought ten, I would be paying $5 more.

Good news is that, my friend is selling both masks so I can get them both in Singapore!!! Yay!!!

Instashop: Thesparklingmask

That’s all for today, I am like on my company bus typing this away.

To add on, I will no longer be using this link as my personal blog due to personal reasons aite.

Muna xoxo


Simple brand review


Muna here with a product review on the facial cleanser, cleansing wipes, toner and moisturizer that I use as people have asked me before. Here’s the review 😀

This is how the products that I use look like:

*Drum rolls please* (Sorry feeling super dramatic today, oops)

Packaging quite nice right? 🙂

The cleansing wipes is great for like removing make up. While the others (cleanser,toner and moisturizer) is great for daily quick use. Why do I say that?

The cleanser really removes all the dirt on my skin but honestly, I don’t feel it is all that gentle as it leaves my skin dry ultimately. The toner is good for removing all my make up, but sadly, it leaves my skin.

At this point in time, people might say, hey, maybe it is just your skin la…

But nope, after I use the moisturizer, my skin becomes so oily. Then I develop more pimples. These pimple are worse than those I had when I was using Himalayas. I don’t think it is just my skin right?

The plus point about this product is that it is relatively cheap as compared to most facial care products. It costs about $10-15 for each if you get it from Watsons or Guardian.

I do recommend this product if you don’t have sensitive skin like mine, mine is well, just too sensitive to work with.

That’s all folks.

Muna xoxo