McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Set meal review


I’m here to announce that I am in a committed relationship with Food, who needs a man, right? Mel practically laughed for two minutes straight when I told her this over Skype and then she said, “Yeah, Food never cheats on you, Muna.”

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Let’s discuss… Stereotypes in Singapore


I felt that this is super important to talk about considering how people think that it does not exist.

News Flash… IT DOES.

And you know what is so sad about it? People do not even know that it exists. It exists in every little joke you make about someone being too ‘Indian’, too ‘Malay’,

Yes, you probably said something like that yourself or heard it as a joke before.

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Chicken Chop could have been the death of me…


I have had this stashed in my drafts for about two months and last month, I decided I won’t do a post on this but still left it in my drafts. I have so many drafts that I am like what I am doing.

Image result for what even gif

Anyways, I did a lot of thinking and decided to do this post on that chicken chop that resulted in my food poisoning. I was gonna leave the restaurant’s name that I had it but I felt like it didn’t matter. I am not going to ruin their business so nope.

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Rewatching PLL S1 + Theories


Yes, you can say it… I’m crazy.


Image result for you are crazy pll gif

How fitting is this GIF


I just finished re-watching Pretty Little Liars season 1-7, well known as PLL. I’m only re-watching cos I have nothing much to do. I really don’t want to start any new series, I am just too lazy for that. I kind of want to find out who Uber A/A.D. is. It is totally driving me insane not knowing. To make matters worse, Marlene I. King is like the worst executive producer, I AM NOT GETTING ANY ANSWERS SO FAR.

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