To everyone I walked away from…

Walking away is never an easy decision because I know I’m someone who is a “people hoarder”. I thrive on people’s energy as an extrovert, I like being surrounded by people. I’m what people call, “People’s person”, I am able to interact casually or hold deep conversations. However, things started changing this year…

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SinSeh: The Grocery


Today I’ll be featuring a cafe that is close to my heart as I really love some of the items on the menu. Let me get straight into it… The cafe is none other than SinSeh: The Grocery. This cafe is affiliated with The Lab SG which I have featured about a year ago! I have been here a couple of times but today I decided that I should feature this. It is one of my favourite dessert places but I promise not to be biased. This time, I was there with my friend, R.

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